Just to say "Hi(gh)"

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ganjacat, Aug 5, 2001.

  1. Yo Dudes!

    Think I've actually been a member for months, under a different name, but never got the chance to "play",(only able to use public-access computers then) so consider me a total newbie. (HAD to re-register as I don't have a clue what my original login was!)

    I'm in the thick of the massive changes that are going on in the UK right now, check my profile for my website URL, it has more info on who I am and what I'm doing than any sane man would ever need, including legal papers, government replies etc.

    Anyway, WHEN I win, I'm gonna treat myself to a trip to the "toker's mecca" which is Amsterdam, so will use this site to "do the planning".

    I'm a seasoned enough grower to know how little I know, so will be prowling the cultivation forums a bit.

    OK enough for now, hope to get to know some of you over the months, and meet some in the 'Dam for my/our VICTORY PARTY.
  2. welcome to the board. glad you like it here.
  3. welcome dude. have fun in A'dam when you go.

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