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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by bored2def, Mar 5, 2002.

  1. Just thought I'd give this a try. As the name states I'm bored to death. I had a wonderful carefree life; herb was a way of relaxing and having fun. I'm a thinker a CEO and I would like the benefit of enjoying my choice of relaxing we are truly becoming a police state. I wish for the early years of the seventies before everything was so legislated. I am an adult heck I'm 45 years old and proud to be an American but I want my freedom to choose my leisure. Everyone is so uptight now. People take themselves and their situations way too seriously. I long for the days to sit down near a lake, pond, river or beach and enjoy what God as provided not tampered by man. I enjoy wonderful conversation and would like to meet people without so many hang-ups.
  2. welcome to the city of grass :) you'll like it here.
  3. welcome to our city. peaceful, beautiful, wonderful
  4. Welcome to the green city. Alot of info goes through these pages. Look, listen, or give us good info.

  5. You came to the right place......welcome!!:wave:

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