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    I'm eating a bag of skittles.

    I hate the purple ones.

    My favorites are the greens.

    Which are your favorites and which are your not so favorites?


    And now my dumbass has made it a poll :)
  2. I love the reds and the greens, orange not so much..
  3. How can you hate a color of sugar?


  4. I despise artificial grape.;)

    I think it had something to do with the whole thing of my parents shoving grape childrens tylenol down my throat when i was little. Blech.
  5. Hey I hate artificial grape too, hahaa.

    But man I haven't had skittles in five years, whoa. Because they're made of gellatin.
  6. Dude, everything but the orange. Red is by far the best though, I'd say. I used to save all the reds for last when I was little.

  7. Please don't tell me why you won't eat gellatin and ruin skittle for me... and jell-o. I love so many foods that i shouldn't.... :(

  8. Haha, of course. :D

    Yeah it just contains an animal product.
    Vegetarian 5 years, pescatarian for the past... 6 months?
  9. Awesome, well, at least i can still eat skittles every now and again.:p
  10. i love them all! maybe not equally (grape being at the bottom, and green at the top?)

    haha you should have done a poll!
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    Yeah, that was my afterthought, then it was too late :( I mean, technically still could.
  12. I like lime but i prefer wild berry skittles way more :D
  13. It sucks that if this question was about eating pussy it would've had like thousands of hits by now! Who doesn't love skittles! COME ON! They are a tasty delightful fucking treat.:D
  14. before i scrolled down to read the first post, i totally thought we were voting on blunt varieties....
  15. All nice.

    My favorites are orange and lime.
  16. The MDMA ones.
  17. Man i just shove 4 or 5 in my mouth at one time, had no idea they had different flavours! Shittt you learn something new every dya

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