Just Thought Of An Amazing Stoner Pet.

Discussion in 'Pets' started by TehN3wbPwnr, May 28, 2013.

  1. I would get that little guy super baked off a dab for sure!
  2. This is the ultimate stoner pet.
  3. I really want a pair of ferrets. They are chill as fuck and really don't bite despite the stereotype.

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  4. Our pitty's are hella funny... ...and no litter box required.. lol.

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  5. Look up twosevenboy1 on YouTube, he has a pet squirrel named Paul that he brings out while smoking in his vids.. badass.

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  6. Ferrett's stink(skunk cousin) removal of scent glands cuts lifespan. my friend had an albino one his field of vision was about 2 feet. so it was easy to get him to do that bouncing jumping with their backs arched up. hilarious. they go comatose when you hold them by the scruff of the neck. hilarious.
    IT'S GOT JOWLS!!!!!  he looks almost disapproving. like a 1950's British sea-side land lady.   
  7. I assumed "Puff the Magic Dragon" was the ultimate stoner pet
    I think that's called 'the weasel war dance' but the only person I knew that had ferrets was a dumb broad so I don't know if that's true!
  9. Chinchillas are rad as fuck, man! I'm fairly sure there is nothing softer than one, in the entire world. Beware though, they could (and would) chew through solid steel. Also, I stayed the night at a friend's house once who owns chinchillas, and at night they make so much noise! Sounds like someone hauling a piano down the stairs. I couldn't figure out what it was!
  10. oh em ggggg!!!

    i want.


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