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Just thought of a cool idea...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Helljumper, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. I'm just sitting here and I had a pretty amazing thought/wish: Just imagine how cool it would be to go back in time, and relive some of your past memories while you were young WHILE high. Like I would love to go back and relive a day of school as a high first grader.

    Or another example: Back before I started school when I was like 4, I used to just stay at my grandma's during the day and watch TV all day. I'd pretty much just chill in her room and watch shit like Franklin, Little Bear, Gilligan's Island, and Blue's Clues. It would be fun if I could relive that memory but this time experience how a day like that would be if I were high.

    I'm sorry if this isn't worthy of it's own topic. I also apologize if it's hard to understand what I'm saying because of the way I worded my sentences. Maybe I'm just super baked right now, but I still think it's a pretty fun concept to think about so I wanted to get it in writing.
  2. Anything is worthy of its own topic, if anyone says it's not then fuck them! If you have a thought, express it! But yeah, I wish I could go back to my freshmen year of high school, not screw my grades up, play some select ball, get a D1 scholarship, all while being high! haha wish I knew what I did about weed back then... didn't really start learning everything until last year (sophomore year of college)

    But being a kid high, nah...not for me I guess. I loved being a kid, I would play sports all the time.... really big into bmx and hockey... soccer is my favorite but no one ever wanted to play and bmx (racing btw) I could do on my own, starting to get into mountain biking now and I LOVE IT (loved bmx back in the days tho, used to ride from the time I got home from school until dark, one time I used christmas lights as extension cords to use a light to work on jumps time I tried to do a backflip off of a 1 foot jump hahahaha (I was in 3rd or 4th grade at the time) boy I miss riding :(

    sorry to trail that off topic, my bad haha but I've learned something, fuck the past...let's experience the future! dreading on the past leads to disaster, thinking about the future leads to awesomeness!
  3. This would change all of your memories, your reality will change!
  4. i wish i could go back to when i started smoking, almost 10 years ago and relive those memories.. how high we would get from like nothing.. sneaking around so our parents wouldnt find out.. the first time i smoked, resin out of a tin can (how on earth do you get resin without a bowl lol), those were the dayssss
  5. I kind of feel like I was high all the time when I was a kid, just because I had an overactive imagination.

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