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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by SGplaYaKID420, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. Short story but good and scary haha. So I've been toking with my friend Danny for a while and his dads a police officer who patrols around our town. One day, Danny and I picked up a nice dank eighth. After I pick up, (he waits) we start waling towards my house... of course we both want to check out the bud. I open the bag, as we're walking and put it to is nose for him to smell, right then and there, his dad swings by in the police cruiser....
    "Oh shit oh shit"
    "I think it's my dad....DAD!!!!!!!!!!"
    His dad did turn around and say hi to us but he didn't notice the bag, just shoved it in my pocket or something.

    (And at the time, his dad was driving around in the police cruiser #419)

  2. Whoah.:smoking::smoking:
  3. Cruiser #419 haha
    Soooo close

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