Just though of the most amazing thing ever.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by HighHaze, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Acid + Hash brownies.

    all you have to do it eat the brownies right before u drop and you should probably feel both highs simultaneously. what makes this crazy is that weed is a potentiator to lsd, so you would have a crazy trip.

    has anyone tried mixing edibles with LSD?
  2. never thought of this..but im sure its been done
    seems like a fun time :smoking::smoking:

    i might try that when i find some cid
  3. That does sound like it would make for a good time. However acid hasn't been around NC much, so it would be really hard to come by.

    And nope, have not tried LSD with edibles. But sure would like to give it a try! :D
  4. i smoked a lotta weed when i was on acid. never tried an edible with it though. i might have to this summer
  5. Put a liquid hit on the brownie?
  6. im sure someone has done it too, but as soon as it crossed my mind i felt like i had to share it with everyone.

    well youll start trippin before you even feel the effects of the weed

    edit- would the acid destroy the cannabinoids if you did that? hmmmm

  7. think about that for a second...are you planning to drown the whole brownie in acid?
  8. yea at phil lesh last year, i ate 3 hits, drank some mtn dew with a 10 strip in it, and ate like 3 pot cookies, they were so good, nice numbing body high.
  9. Genius. Whoever's got liquid cid should do this immediatly.
  10. hell......why not?!?!

    no, i was just curious about the chemical reactions though and how they would interact with each other.
    the only thing is that you wouldnt feel the acid high almost immediately, but you wont feel the weed high until hours later. maybe thatll be good though, so you can be on an steady inclined high.

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