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just thinkin..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by The Jew 420, Dec 15, 2003.

  1. damn isnt life messed up sometimes.... things go good for a while all goes to hell... if i didnt have weed man... id be lik on the verge of suicde or already insane... sorry bout lettin it ou n whinin n bitchin but i gotta vent.... why cant i find a girl who wont stab youin the back n take everything that means somethin too you.... and then some. stoner chicks seem the most reliable an nderstanding... i been smokin since i was 11 daily (dad got me started) we ued to be poor asses livin in a piece of shit trailer scrappin junk and cars just to eat....i move out my dad sells property in arizona for bout a million buks...n theyre livin the life....and wont spare a penny to me cuz im 18, which i do see thier point that they want me to be self dependant n shizzle and i am, i have no choice...some fine ass bitrch comes aong n "loves" me and 2 months down the road im damn near livin on the street, good ol mary jane is my only escape...i pray to God to help me but maybe he aint listinin...if it werent for my friends jace,eric, n becky- id be dead... this aint the first time a girl did this either....3x this happend, and i didnt do a damn thi9ng but love em for wo they was ya know....n they screw me over every time....sorry for whinin but i hope yall understand.... well ekoms a tnulb to all
  2. yep..venting is cool..just remember, shit happens. It'll end and life will go on:) Just think as positively as possible, best advice i can give to ya.
  3. hey man i know how it goes. my mother's keep having breakdowns cause my grandma's life deteriorating. i havn't talked to my father in about a year or that entire side of the family as a matter of fact and i got an email from him about a week ago saying that my grandfather was having major surgery and the outcome was uncertain. and he hasn't contacted me telling me how it went and i have no way of contacting him. and one of my best friends who happen to be this chick told me she had a 'crush' on me or whatever and she's acting like a child and coming up with all these reasons to be pissed off at me but whenever i ask her what's going on she says 'it's pms'. PMS?? EVERY DAY OF THE MONTH? so i miss her so unbelievably much. and now everyone that i usually chill with (and smoke with some of em) on a daily basis are all giving each other shit. lately that's all it's been with this particular group of friends. DRAMA every day. and then i got a few other things that are bugging me. sorry if i sound childish. i know a lot of people have it a lot worse than me and i'm a lucky guy. but i thought i'd follow suit and rant. i feel better :) this bowls to you.
  4. I know how you feel man...well I mean, nothing that bad happened to me, but with the emotional side and "love" and all that. A girl told me she loved me and broke up with me a month later...and that was after I took her back after she broke up with me about 2 months before that. Best thing to do is just concentrate on the things in life that make you happy and make sure you remember things don't have to be so complicated although with everything going on it seems like it, but all the bad stuff comes to an end eventually.

  5. Well, He is listening, He's just not giving you the answers that you want. Those are the hardest types of answers to get from The Dieity. You have your friends though, be thakful for them. :)

    Life sucks sometimes, but it's important to remember that just because it sucks right now, doesn't mean that it won't get better. It seems to come in cycles.
  6. i hear ya's... all of ya's... i know what it's like to be suicidal and all (the scars will remind me of that for the rest of my life)... but there is one thing i've learned. it can always get worse... but eventually it WILL get better.

    struggles make you a stronger person. i'm with styles on this one. try to stay as positive as possible. don't let suicide be an option. even though it might feel like the only way out... just try to keep in mind that the pain will eventually pass and you'll move on.

    ::sending good karma to all the blades who are in need of it::

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