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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by KB_124, Oct 21, 2002.

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  1. a car that runs on marijuana. A plane that gets you high
  2. ill buy a 20 of whatever youre smoking..

    there is a car that runs on marijuana though
  3. oh man..phil you beat me to it..lol..

    yeah so how you are high?
  4. Please tell me that that last thing you said didn\'t make sense to anyone else..i think i have stared at that and tried to figure it out forever here. that so high you are thing.
  5. This makrs my 152th post
  6. made perfect sensi to me
  7. Holy shit.... it was even phrased as a question...must go to bed now, too fuckin wierd for my tastes
  8. hahahaha oh shit.. Im sitting here talking about how someone else isnt making sense and here I sit, making no sensi!!!! sense+sensi=nosensimil?! i meant, I think ::scroll down, double check:: so how high are you? ah, the clearity seeks the sensi
  9. I still want the oxygen tank that you wear that puts out marijuana smoke instead of oxygen and an IV drip bag of Jack Daniels. I will have this by the time I am old so I can enjoy sitting in my rocking chair and no one will know what I\'m up to!!!!!!!!
  10. Hell yeah flowerchild, thats sounds good right now (well, at least the oxygen tank filled with smoke, lol)
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