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Just think I found the best dealer...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GTX, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. So i found out that my cusion(a girl) smokes, shes like a skater girl, really cool and shit. Well she brought me an eight for 25$ She sed it weighs 3.5 grams. Its super crystally, I cant get a pic up at the moment but is 3.5 grams a good deal for 25$?
  2. That's an incredibly good deal.
  3. She made five bucks off you.
  4. If it can get you high from 5 decent sized rips I'd consider that a good deal for 25.
  5. He claims it's crystally so I'm presuming it's dank. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but $25 for an eighth of potent weed is a steal.
  6. thats what im looking for

    nice pick up

    better with pics
  7. ^^ no correction needed thats a great fuckin deal assuming it's good shit. Godd job on the pick up OP and happy smoking.
  8. Ill have to get pics up, But its seems good. I might be wrong, im waiting to try it tho, cuz i want to have pics first LMAO
  9. $25 for regs here is a deal, never mind dank.

    Granted, it's pretty much a flat rate for weed where i am. All the dealers i know care enough to grow some quality bud, and not grow shitty weed for profit.
  10. We still don't know what kind of bud it is? For reggies you're getting ripped off at $25/8th. But if it is dank or some good mids then $25/8th is a great deal.

  11. could be beasters, lately mids around my area are nice and crystalized. none the less good deal. but my dealer wants to fuck me, top that lol
  12. I highly doubt he is getting an eighth of chronic for 25 dollars. he's asking if 25 dollars is a good deal for an eighth of weed. rule of thumb says it's a 20 dollar eighth of some good mids and his cousin is making five off him because he doesn't know anything.

    just saying.
  13. Wow...if it is really good dank, become really close with that cousin :)
  14. HOLY SHIT! I forgot the pics but that shit was super sticky and had like tons of triches on it. It was a hell of a good deal to me. Im still got a little buzz going on this morning.
  15. I'm just saying, maybe she wants your pee--pee
  16. Thats fuking sick inbreed shit man, not cool. I bought it off her, she brought it to me.

  17. hahahah.

  18. Where i live i get eighths for 25 bucks.

    It's also a very very good deal and even fucking better if it was nug.
  19. I pay 20 an 8th, for some nice fire. I bet your cousin is going to enjoy making money off of you, lol. By the way "kid" an 8th is 3.5 grams, learn your weights.

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