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Discussion in 'General' started by Cornflake, Mar 26, 2004.

  1. Let's just say someone(A) had a friend who was letting someone else(B) physically abused them but this friend didnt want to stop hanging around with B because B smoked her up often. How can A convince the friend to do something.

    Edit: The reason it is so hard for A to convince the friend is because the friend says this is normal for her (A hasnt been in touch with the friend for a while)
  2. please could you explain in more deatail ..im confused? and stoned? doesnt sound like mucuh of a friend if they are beating on their "friend" or whatever

  3. lol ya forget about trying to work things out i like lukes idea
  4. I'd like to but i dunno who the guy is. and she wont do shit since he smokes her up and says she doesnt care about being hit as long as she gets free weed... if i find the guy you better believe he's gonna be in the hospital.
  5. Damn't cant we just use fake names instead of A or B aghhhhh.........to stoned to comprehend, i dunno what the hell is going on B is beating up A, A is smokin out B too confused!
  6. Yeah sorry, I was stoned and drunk when i made the topic. Pretty much my friend is being beat, I don't know who the guy is and she seems to think it's acceptable behavior (she's tried to get him to stop by telling him and scratching him but thats all she'll do). My intention is to find the guy and fuck him up but it's somewhat difficult since we live about an hour apart and I have exams... this is really bugging me especially since I can't do shit about it.
  7. She said it herself that she is happy getting beat. so dont worry about it. it sucks. but its her decision.
  8. Now I'm confused...

    But anyhow, it's not cause he expects her to pitch (or I assume it's not) he's just a psycho from what I can tell.

    She doesn't like it, but she's willing to put up with it... I dunno I want to do something about it, I can't but I want to... and I still intend to hurt this guy.
  9. I've never heard of a chick who hangs out with a guy that beats her that isn't her boyfriend. That is really strange. There is almost nothing you can do besides some stalking. Just stalk her when she is going to be with him and either kick his ass right then and there, or even better, find out who he is and beat his ass when he's not around 'A'

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