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Discussion in 'General' started by kayothic, May 29, 2013.

  1. Anyone else just have the hardest time finding the grasscity site and then just remembering you could just type in forums.grasscity.com? I've not been on for a while now and this is all different. Oh wait, I forgot to bring up the site before I smoked..

  2. I have it bookmarked.
    Or I just type gr and it shows up in the url bar...
  3. I havent typed in a full web address in like two years.
  4. I wanna smoke what you're smokin.
  5. The bad thing is, it sucks, my new piece just seemed to have... done the trick.... very well. that and probably because I'm also on gabapentin.
  6. I don't know why, but since I was 4 and started using computers in like 2000, I have always just had the habit of typing out a full web address. Like when I wiki I'll type in the entire address+searchline+searchitem. It's crazy. But I type decently fast, so it's faster to me to get to a site that way. Plus I just have this strange memorization skill where I can memorize tons of insignificant details and knowledge.
  7. That isn't faster than a bookmark lol. 
  8. It pops up like a bookmark for me but its not bookmarked. When i type "f" if shows up for some reason.
  9. you where 4 in the year 2000?
  10. I did the math. He's 90
  11. that seems like a waste of time to me, And i could just be super high (yay!!!!! :smoking:  :yay: ) but didn't you just admit to being underage?
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    same here, same here.
  13. I just type "f" in the url, and there it is. 
  14. nope all I gotta do to open the site is type F then hit enter
  15. So I said like in the year 2000. I'm 18, 2/1995 (don't want to include full date). I was just too high to think :p Hence the reason for this entire thread xD
  16. for me it is. I type roughly 150 wpm, probably a little faster now. Been using computers for long enough and learning coding as a kid, you learn to type the same shit fast. Also, growing up on MMOs, you learn how to respond quick to people xD
  17. oh lol nevermind then, for some reason i was thinking the year 2000 was like 3-4 years ago :confused_2:  :smoking:
  18. so you thought I was like... 7-8?! xD that IS the year I started taking advantage of what this earth has to offer...but no, I wasn't on forums like this when I was 8 >.>
  20. yea that's what i was thinking  :p , i should've known better 

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