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Just texted this kid for a half. He wants 180. What should i do?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JassyD, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Lol. Fuck no i'm not paying 180. Weed is ten dollars a gram here. And i'm not paying over 100 for a half. He supposedly has goodshit but no shit is that good.

    So should i text him and ask him if he think i'm a fucking retard? Then tell him to drop the price? Or should i just ignore him.
  2. I know people who pay 200 for 1/2, yyeah its super dank michigan medical, but someone is making bank off it forsure
  3. text him and say "That is a very interesting deal you're giving me but politely go suck an AIDS infested dick and die you gay faggot".
  4. tell him you don't want to spend that kind of money on a quarter
  5. say you'll just call your other guy
  6. Just tell him you have another hook up that is willing to sell you for "X" price and then maybe he'll negotiate and match the "other persons" price.:smoke:

  7. I loled. I should do that.
  8. if you dont like is prices find better ones.
  9. If you're right that weed is 10$ a gram, then just be polite but firm and let him know that's too much. If he refuses to lower the price to an acceptable amount, just drop him.
  10. Tell him 110
  11. Meet up with him, inspect the product, smell the product, make sure it is 14 grams, and if it is some dankity dank dank hand him the money and proceed to smoke. :smoke:

    Seriously though 180 for a half of good is a fair price...actually pretty cheap around here.
  12. Tell him for for 180 you want a whole oz or its not a deal.

  13. Lol you're high! It's for a half bro. If its dank I reckon it's a good deal OP!
  14. ask him what quality of bud he has if its the $10 a gram stuff tell him to get fucked if its dank than that may be a different story. a half of the $10 a gram stuff here only cost $100 Ky.
  15. Ahaha I get my Oz's for 190, tell that kid to fuck off
  16. Once I asked a kid for a half and he said 320. normal price around here is 200-240ish. I just said i could get it for 220 or 240 and he said 240 for 11 grams. i just never talked to him again and got it for 200 from someone else
  17. tell him to fuck off
  18. Yea i told him to stop acting like a retard and shoot me a reasonable price. He said "you get what you pay for"

    I told him to go fuck himself. One of my boys will definitely be hitting on his sister very shortly.
  19. You should honestly ask him if he thinks you're an idiot, then post what he says.

  20. Dude you must be like 15 years old...

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