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  1. 2008 impala ss(used of course) and it only has 20kmi and i fucking love it! haha..only 303hp so prolly only like 280 to the wheels or so(dont really know,so calm down) but the thing is pretty quick,although im used to my current car-a 09 civic..haha but i hit 120 in notime really..only thing i hate but its a good idea for me...its FWD,so i wont be fish tailin and kill my self..but they want $19k..which is not bad at all seeing how its a $30k car..im def tryin to look into it..im only 20(turning 21 in june) so idk how much ill be paying..but does any one else have a impala? like newer with the 5.3L v8...not the 5.7L like the 96' and so on
  2. i should also say the ride is sweet..nice and quiet untill i buy it and get exhaust,chip,tune,intake haha..but yea def a sick ass car!!
  3. Cool, go for it if you have nothing better to use your money on.

    Sounds like you have a perfectly good vehicle that gets you quickly and safely from point A to point B. If you desire more and have the means to acquire without giving up more important things or putting yourself in debt, go for it.

    Me personally, I have other things i need to take care of before getting a new car.

    Is it really a valuable upgrade? Are the gains you get from driving that car around better than the other things you could do with 19k?
  4. my friends dad has one.

    there a good car
  5. $19k for an Impala?

    I would buy an E46 M3.
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    u sound like my mom jerk..shes like y get something with "this much power" haha..but ur just a "stupid toker" and apparently u dont have enough money.now me on the other hand ive been approved for a zr1 did i buy it,no..do i want it yes,but no way in hell do i wanna pay $1400 a month on a car when i could get a nicer luxury for 400 a month....ive also been approved for a gallardo(same thing tho) the gallardo however would have cost me $2700 a month,not ncluding the $800 insurance!

    Name-calling isn't welcome here, dude. -JD
  7. haha my all time fav car!!! but,i cant find one under $30k:( plus i dont wanna spend 30k on a f***in 6cyl that isnt really quick ya kno
  8. i dont see a 20 year old getting approved for a lamabourghini... and then debating on whether to get a 19,000 car.....
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    First off, I think you could have come up with a better more civilized way of wording that horrible excuse for a paragraph.

    Secondly, he's right. Absolutely right, actually. If you have to make a car payment than you shouldn't be buying a car in the first place. Cars are such a waste of money unless you have the cash in your hand to spend on it. So technically you don't have money. You were approved for credit, which means you don't have the money to buy the car you want but somebody is willing to lend it to you in return for a monthly sum out of your paycheck. Have fun :wave:

    Just for the record, people don't make payments on lambos. Every lambo owner I know, owns it cut and out right.

    I just have to add this...You are so full of shit it's leaking from your worthless thread out my laptops screen. Getting approved for a zr-1, lambos....kidz these days will say anything to sound cool.
  10. They can easily be had for sub $20K, and they are definitely quicker than Impalas.

    The S54 is a 3.2L inline 6. 333HP (280-290 at the wheels) and 262ft-lb. Nowhere near slow.

    If you're looking to get into one, learn about them. They're very quick and are reliable as hell if taken care of. E46 M3 (2001-2006) - BMW M3 Forum.com (E30 M3 | E36 M3 | E46 M3 | E92 M3)
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    you're a douche.

    Name-calling isn't welcome here. -JD
  12. aahhaha i agree with every word.
  13. if i had 19k to drop i would rebuild a car.
  14. first of all,fuck all of you..i have 20G in the bank that im tryna spend,so im not droppin money on somethin where ill lose all that real quick ya kno,..besides,i already have my own house(go look on grooms road EXIT 8 in upstate NY..i have 3 bmws and one benz for my GF..w.e easily done..im just lookin for a DD not some car i need to take care of ya dig.(lil wayne) w.e say waht u want ur all hatin..i got money u dont,i work 83 hours a week ON MY COMPUTER and get more than u do in 3 years!!!!!so stop fuckin hatin:mad::mad::mad::mad:
  15. What? :confused:
  16. [​IMG]

  17. Mehh..

    My 06 Chevy SS has almost 290hp and I bet I'll blow your doors off.

    When you get to test drive a car that does 10 seconds, post a thread about it.

  18. URGENT EMERGENCY GRASSCITY!!! I need the "LOL WUT!" pear picture, you all know what im talking about get on it.....

    WTF your a name that cannot be called here(is that allowed) can i jack his thread?????

    so what car do you blades like the impala ss or the lambourghini???????
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    That's as close as you get....that damn pear!!

    Seriously! We called you out on your bullshit and you make all that up...kidz these days just don't quit do they. I assume that you're talkin about yo mami's place, I'm sure she owns a nice house BUT! that doesn't make it yours. I imagine the 3 bmws belong to your mom and your dad, the rusty hand me down 5 series is yours though, dad gave it to you as your first car. You're GF probably owns a benz, I'd buy a benz for my daughter, but I wouldn't let her date a guy like you.

    Sooooo How close was I??? I think I hit the nail with the hammer personally.
  20. There's NO WAY you make that much money with spelling, grammar and sentence structure like that. This thread is also extremely pointless; you really aren't looking for an answer, you're just wanting an entrance to introduce us to your accomplishments.

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