"Just Tax the Heck Out of People"

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  1. Quote, Obama: "'If you talk to Warren [Buffett], he'll tell you his preference is not to meddle in the economy at all -- let the market work, however way it's going to work, and then just tax the heck out of people at the end and just redistribute it.

    Here's a recent New York Times Magazine article, 8,000 words on Barack Obama's economic plan:


    "Just tax the heck out of people, and redistribute it on the back end." , Sorry thats communism.

    Obama is not an educated person on the Economic principles that propelled this country to greatness. He does not have the slightest understanding of them.

    I don't see Buffett giving all his money that he earns away at the end of every year.

    Any dems out there starting to get "buyers remorse" over this jackass.
  2. If there's any consolation it's that the idea was Warren Buffet's, and Obama doesn't seem to be supporting it (at least in the paragraph I read).

  3. Yeah, Obama was referencing what Buffet said. Not necessarily what he believes.
  4. Well, I could just be retarded, but isn't that not really at all communism? I didn't bother reading the article but based on the quote aren't they talking about letting the free market reign with minimal government intervention and then just tax as usual? Isn't that basically the opposite of a command (communist) economy? I'm apparently not following your mode of thought.
  5. Well when you put it this way it sounds really bad, but is it really?

    Your either voting for the person that is going to fuck over the rich fowks in America, or the guy that is going to leave the country in is own fucked up state that it is now and hope for the best. Don't let this recession go to your heads, it's all psychological.
  6. I like Frank Zappa's economic plan:

    "Tax the FUCK out of the churches!"
  7. That i would agree on, especially the catholic church. Plus Frank is the man, i mean was the man.


  8. This is wrong, "fuck over the rich people", wtf, we shouldn't be fucking over anybody, That's a messed up attitude.

    Recession/depression, what have you, Americas sheeple will naturally blow it out of proportion because we have become a nation of drama queens under the influence of the network news propaganda machine. You can believe it or not.
  9. This is coming from the guy who thought bigfoot was found.
  10. That has to sting a little... ha.
  11. Let me explain.

    SB, you always talk about sheeple and how the "sheeple" are under the hypnosis of the major media network propaganda machine. Yet you make a thread about the bigfoot "discovery" lol, stating how you think those guys found bigfoot. One Google search would have found those guys were frauds. Who's really the sheeple?
  12. is there anything wrong with taxing the rich more than others? is it better to take more from someone who has so much they buy 4 cars or someone who lives from check to check to barely feed their families and pay for the mortgage? come on...the rich don't need as much money as they have. i think it'd be really smart to ask this question. any canadians out there think their tax rates are worth nationwide healthcare and so on?
  13. things are fucked now, anybody in the working class realises it, a can of fucking vegitables cost over a fucking dollar, I remember not to long ago when they were like 25-45 cents. Talk about fucking inflation, shits fucked up right now and people aren't making anymore money.
  14. Stoned Buddha this is a great thread. Obama's economic plain to me is scary and I dont think many people realize what will happen if Obama employs such a plan. People are swayed by his appearance and natural appeal, when they really should focus on his policies.

    Obama really does just want to tax the shit out of america. What most people dont know is that this will ruin the economy, as taxes will scare off buisnesses. Consequently they will move over seas and employ developing nations, thus helping them and hurting us.

    Is there anything wrong with taxing the rich? Are you serious? Just because somebody has worked hard in life and set goals for themselves were gonna tax them? Even if we did tax everbody the inefficiency of such a large government would squander hard earned money. The government would get bigger, more red tape, more corruption, and more reliance in others. WHat ever happened to the individual rights this country was built on? America didnt get to super power status through anti capitalism. The current status of our debt renders nationwide healthcare IMPOSSIBLE, plain and simple, forget it.
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    Obama says tax and redistribute

    That worked beautifully for the Soviet Union, and to think that only 2 decades ago, Communism (and Russian nukes) was America's greatest fear, now we have a self admitted Communist running for president?
    I'll never understand this country

    this idea isn't Obama's, it's Marx's
  16. Taxes are not communism. Communism is where the government controls everything and private inititiative and business is either outlawed outright or so regulated that it is impossible for it to grow bigger than mom'n'pop shops. Actually, in many communist regimes, there are/were no taxes on private citizens.

    Taxes is simply an expedient way to keep government running and do with as the government see fit. In a democracy that should be for providing services to the populace. Police, Firedepartments, Schools, Healthcare, Military, Unemployement benefits and so on.

    What is taxed and to what level and how the taxes are spent is what you elect politicians for. If you think schools are underfounded, the governemnt have two choices. Either give schools more resources by taking away resources from another sector, like say the Police or Military. Or increase taxes.

    If your government squander away your taxes, I understand how one might resent paying taxes. If your government however spend the tax income for the better for most (like say providing free healthcare, bettering infrastructure and so on), then I can't really see why anyone would complain. Except for the pathological egotistical and greedy naturally.
  17. I have focused on both the policies of both canidates and I have noticed, the biggest backer of Obamas campaign has been Wall Street bussinessmen. Giving working class americans a chance to spend there hard earned money will be slowdown the largest transfer of wealth ever in the world. People will be able to buy more american goods which will increase sales on every product.

    Obama is the only canidate in the election that has been agianst NAFTA, which is big contributor to why businesses are moving out of the US.

    Last point is true, but to say that Obama is going to ruin our economy is retarded, the people on wall street understand that he has an idea that might possibly work and also realise a walk in the same direction is suicide. Even though less than 1% Americans pay for 90% of the taxes in the US, they spend less of a percentage of there wealth than the working class in the country. Allowing for the working class to spend more money allows for companies here in America to make more money, which is all relative.

    Far from anti-capitolism, spending money to make money is 101 stuff.
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    That's actually pretty stupid for you i expect better, For one what does one have to do with the other and two, i assume your referring to the thread i made when those two idiots tried to claim they found a big foot. I stated they may have found a big foot, i didn't swear under oath that it was true beyond a shadow of a doubt.

  19. I grew up poor, i worked my ass off to get where I'm at, what gives anyone the right to take more than my fair share and redistribute it, that wrong. You have the same opportunities that i have, why should i get punished for my hard work? I have no problem paying taxes, but every one should pay weather it be 10% OF $15000, OR 10% of 100.000.
  20. Your right its not communism, it how ever socialism to redistribute wealth. I got no problem them using my tax dollars for police, fire military, etc. I have a problem with them using it on entitlement programs, especially when not everyone pays their fair share of the taxes.

    Who Pays Income Taxes? See Who Pays What

    For Tax Year 2006
    Percentiles Ranked by AGI
    AGI Threshold on Percentiles
    Percentage of Federal Personal Income Tax Paid
    Top 1%
    Top 5%
    Top 10%
    Top 25%
    Top 50%
    Bottom 50%
    Note: AGI is Adjusted Gross Income
    Source: Internal Revenue Service​

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