Just starting Week 3 flower amazon lights

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by 530baykur420, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. Say what you want about Amazon led lights, and you can't get good results with cheap lights blah blah. I have 4 lights cost about $400 (that's 100 bucks each) and pulling over a 1000 Watts from wall. 1 light per plant. All epistar leds half are the surface mount double chips full spectrum with IR and UV other half are cobs 5x clusters per light. The cobs shine white and the others shine light pink. Seem to be doing pretty good to me. What do u think? IMG_20190812_151058.jpg IMG_20190812_151418.jpg IMG_20190812_151213.jpg IMG_20190812_151629.jpg IMG_20190812_151447.jpg IMG_20190812_151228.jpg IMG_20190812_151808.jpg IMG_20190812_151355.jpg

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  2. Those red hairs already tell me it needs more light usually only lower buds with less light will have red hairs at your stage they look alright but I'd throw a high intensity in there while it can still benifit you

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