Just starting, seed prices, etc help needed

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Tucks, May 7, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,
    I just found a pretty amazing spot down my the river near my area where im pretty sure i can grow (still need to work out details)
    so i asked my dealer the other day if he had any seeds i could buy,
    he said that once his friends plant starts growing he will sell me
    10 for 50$
    Is this a good idea?
    I know that there isn't a good chance of many of them being females, but anyones advice would be greatly appreciated! :hello:

  2. Not really. Your friend's friend is likely not a well-experienced breeder and who knows what will grow from his seeds. If you were getting them for free it might be a different story but for that price you can order seeds of stabilized crosses from quality genetics. You'd also get to choose whichever strain you think you'll prefer and that's well worth paying more, let alone the same price.
  3. $5 a seed for what are effectively bag seeds is pretty hot. He should just give them to you.
    As mentioned, hit a seed bank, then you know what you're getting. Won't cost much more, unless you go for one of the expensive strains.
    Attitude, marijuana-seeds.nl and weed-seeds.net are all reputable.
  4. Definitely go with a reputable seed bank you can even get an outdoor strain for your climate if you research strains
  5. For those prices you can get real genetics from a seedbank.

    Keep in mind that your dealer has no motivation to help you -- in effect, you are asking him to help you to no longer be a customer. He probably figures you can find seeds so he will lose you anyway, might as well grab the last dollars he can off you...
  6. True, he is a really close friend, so im going to talk to him and see if he can lower the price a lot.
    Ordering from a seedbank is out of the question cause i dont have a credit card :(

  7. You must be the only person I know without a cc. Not even a debit card?
  8. I have a debit, that would work? and yeahh, im planning on getting a credit card pretty soon ..
  9. You can get a prepaid credit card at almost any gas station
  10. Sick, never thought of that. Thanks!
  11. Yep, that's what I use - I refuse to have a credit-card.
    I only spend money that I already have. No credit.

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