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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Ice, Mar 12, 2003.

  1. im just starting out and need a few questions answered , i have a 1000wt and 2, 400wt light set up , metal halide, i am gonna use an 8 x 8 room for veg , and 8 x 8 room for flowering , but should i use the 1000wt for flowering and the 400 wt for veg , or visa versa? also , when i got this set up , co2 regulator came with it , anyone out there have a guide on how to use the regulator?appreciate some help , thanks :)
  2. what up ice well 400 isnt gonna be enough for 8x8 the most i would go with it is 4x4 ive never flowered with mh but with 1000 mh I suppose you would get something shit use the 1000 mh for veg try to sell the 400mh and get an hps for the flowering
  3. ok , but 2 , 400 wt lights for a 8 x 8 wont work? , and another question bud , i been reading a bit on the lights , and was wondering about the ballasts , to flower i have 2 have a hps ballast is that corrrect? what would happen if i put the sodium bulb connected to the metal halide ballast? also do u have any info on how to use co2 with all of this? i appreciate the help , ive already learned quite a bit just from reading the threads , this place and the people here rock :) ohhh one more thing if i vented up through the chimney , helecopters wont pick that up correct? we do get fly overs here , not alot but a couple times a year anyway , thanx again
  4. two 400 hps would be great for the flowering and you do not want to hps in a mh ballast although they do sell confersion bulbs that can be used I wouldnt worry much about fly byes i live in central n.y we get fly byes from august to september and I dont no anyone that has been busted that way just remember loose lips sink ships oh yea the oxygen thing I really cant help ya with but ya might want to check out www.overgrow.com maby someone there will be able to help ya good luck ice

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  5. when you go to flower just buy some hps conversion bulbs ..it's the cheapest way ...it uses the MH ballist to run the sodium bulbs....

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