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Just Starting Out. A Few Questions

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by bigdjohnson, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. Hi guys. So I need to kick the pills so I'm coming over to the green side. I've smoked once before a few years ago (joints) and it was horrible as I don't smoke cigs anyways. Virgin lungs. It burned and tasted horrible. Yesterday I picked up a Arizer Extreme Q and it went much better but there's a few things I'd like to ask.
    1) I don't love the taste of weed yet. Is there anything I can do to mask it? I've heard of chewing gum or some Tasty Puffs but I'd like to hear from the pro's.
    2) Is there anything I can do to enhance my high while I'm vaping?
    3) This morning I woke up feeling almost like I had a slight hang over. Am I right to assume that that will eventually die down?

  2. 1. Try that Miracle Fruit that makes sour things sweet, never know... might work. However I didnt like the taste of Hash or Vape but I stuck to it and I love that I can taste it now. 
    2. Avoid overly sugary foods/drinks as sugar will bring you down a little I believe. As people usually drink a sugary drink if you think you're going to whitey or are too high. Play some good music if you can!
    3. It's a morning after buzz. I still get one every time I vape. It's even heavier if I toke. But its different for every person so...
  3. Welcome aboard!
    1. Sometimes I can't taste weed if I eat something that has a lot of flavor.  Try eating Sour Patch Kids or something while you smoke, it should mask the taste enough.
    2. The most I do to enhance my high is give myself a head rush by standing up really quickly.  Usually I don't need it though.
    3. Yes.  That used to happen to me when I started smoking weed.  It goes away much quicker and easier than a normal hangover though, just stay hydrated and don't smoke until it goes away.
  4. Hope i helped

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