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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Chilltown, Oct 17, 2002.


How many plants you runnin' here boy!?!?

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  2. 6-15

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  3. 16-30

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  4. 35-60

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  5. 60-100

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  6. More than 100, I'm a crazy SOB

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  7. I don't even smoke the shit pal!

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  1. Hey I\'ve never grown before. I just set up a couple seedlings in my room, some germinated first, some just placed in the soil. I\'ve got a couple sprouting, one at 5 cm and another at 2 cm. I placed a few more seeds in a small container and I\'m hoping to get a few sprouts out of those. I\'m not running anything major but I was just basically wondering if you have any vital information that might help me along in my quest for sweet buds. I have the following supplies: Plant food 10-15-10, 20-20-20, and Stim-Root, plus some killer soil.
  2. What kind of lights do you have???
  3. Well I\'m using window light during the day and a 40w bulb at night
  4. fantastic arsehole
  5. Im goin to Canada(get some seeds) next week

    When i get back im gonna start fresh over and then i think i will be set

  6. i realy realy dont like you

    at all

    you know i was thinking

    and i still dont like you
  7. Hey chilltown!, if you meant that comment to be sarcastic and not to offend then you\'ll need to put an emicon like a smile next to it, so as not to be taken personally.....however if you did mean it, it was out of line as you did ask in you\'re poll how much are you growing!......Peace out...Sid
  8. LOL I said fantastic arsehole and he tweaks the beav. lol can\'t win with these guys they\'re just too touchy, you say something like Fantastic about their grow setup and they jump ya lol you guys need to stop taking everything so personally and stop gettin so hot and bothered
  9. He never even gave me a chance *sniff* dingus baby come back to vegas!!

  10. the dingus dont wast time in vagas

    got to many mountains to climb right here

    come on by we\'ll take a little walk i know a few cliffs you would love to see

    carefull tho the hike up can be alittle dangerous

  11. we must remember this is the internet

    and evey asshole can say what ever he wants about every other asshole

    u people waste my time
  13. sorry ..will try to be more quieter.....

    *tip toes over to bong*

  14. no we are trying to wast our time .....

    *bubble bubble * *hak hak*

    sorry if it spilled a little on your carpet
  15. i just didnt know tha this was like a general chat room thats all
  16. it happens that way some times....

    but not in all threads
  17. Guys this is enough. If ya\'ll are going to do nothing but argue, I will start closing, deleting, all the threads with this in it , or at least the post.

    Super Joint has made it very clear that he wants a smooth running site. This type of BS will NOT be tollerated!!!!

    If you must argue do it through PM\'s or something.

    Thank you management!

    Bud Head
  18. BTW if you come into this site steping on toes, people will take offence then try and take up for other members!

    Last warning!
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