Just started smoking weed again

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  1. I started smoking weed 2 1/2 years ago, 2 years ago i started smoking spice. I got addicted to it and have been smoking spice ever since. Long story short and 2 rehabs later. Spice ruined weed for me and now I'm trying to get back into only weed. Lot less pressure now that it's harder to find spice too. I still see my addict side but it feels so much lighter. I still can't have weed without smoking it, as shown by last night. But this time i plan on getting my GED and grab a job. Let's see how this turns out especially when i had many people in rehab tell me that if I'm really an addict it wont ever be the same and weed maintenance doesn't work. I sort of believe it but regardless experimentation is in my nature.
  2. You went to rehab for spice wut
  3. Good luck man stay away from that synthetic shit.

  4. It is addictive...
  5. [quote name='"twitchydude420"']

    It is addictive...[/quote]

    Everything is addictive. I've heard of people going to rehab for sex and exercising. But never spice... just weird as fuck

  6. how is going to rehab for a drug weirder than going to rehab for exercising? i feel like something they make you do at rehab would be to exercise lolol
  7. I don't even see how people considered doing shit that could kill you...but what ever makes you happy i guess...
  8. 
    Duuuuuuuude, what is the number one rule to surviving... Hmmmmmm... Well it's def not consuming a bag of in-scents or whatever they sell to dumb ass kids at the gas station. How could u want to smoke that when weed and cigs are around? Might as well snort Cain and Chyna at the same time! But on a real note***
    drugs are addictive, especially if the individual is weak minded, a depressed fuck, or basically a sympathy case! Don't let a material direct ur thought... EXCEPT MARIJUANA ! IT'S AS NATURAL HIGH AND IN NATURE THAT'S ALL U NEED

  9. I know a chick who's parents made her go to rehab for marijuana...as in the plant..yeah fuckin major waste of money.

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