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Just started rolling, need some pointers.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FreshXD, May 6, 2011.

  1. I've seen my friends role really nice joints effortlessly so I decided I'd start practicing. I rolled 3 tonight and it was pretty stressful not gonna lie. Basically my main questions is should they be thicker? Are they tight enough? How do I make them tighter? And I cannot seem to get the tuck part down. When you role it up I can never tuck it in tight and it just ends up rolling loose. I'll put some pictures. Ik I'm bad, no hate please. Just rate 1-10 and tell me where to improve. Thanks GC.

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  2. Not bad for your first attempt man, better than mine! Just basic things to remember like don't roll it too tight, it won't smoke well and will continuously go out. Also, place your pointer finger and thumb along each end and roll in, this will keep the weed on the ends of the joint in place while you roll and won't have you littering weed everywhere, only to have you stuff it back in with a pen.
  3. Nice joints for a beginner just keep practicing and you'll success!

    7/10 :hello:
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    Wow that site actually helps so much. I was putting the filter in after I rolled it. I think I understand the tuck now. I'll role another tomorrow using that method and post the pic. And yeah I do the pen thing to pack it in. My friends taught me that

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