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Just Started New Job! Drug test questions

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by WindsOfWinter, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. Hey everyone. I just got hired on at a factory. I was wondering how long does it take for them to start randomly drug testing. I took a mouth swab test when they hired me, and my first day Is Monday. I haven't smoked since January and was thinking about sparking a bowl. Thanks guys
  2. No one is going to know your works random drug testing policy besides you.

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  3. I really don't know it, thats why I asked. I've never worked in a factory before. I got tested after my physical, and when I got done with all that I was filling out paperwork and the lady in HR said "we Do randomly drug test" in a stern voice. I dunno I guess I was just nervous.
    It's for a company called AdvancePierre Foods. They pack food like QuikNFast frozen foods.
    In the manual I was given it states

    Random Testing: Advance Pierre may require an associate to undergo drug and alcohol testing on a random basis provided the method of selecting people for random testing results in an equal probability that any associate froma group of associates subject to the selection mechanism will be selected. All current APF Associates are subject to random testing.

    I guess they only do mouth swabs as they are quicker and cheaper than urine test.

    Thanks again for any response!
  4. I meant my answer as in you need to ask them because you are the one who works for them. But if its a true random testing then ylu will never know. They come on and test a random amount of peoplr at random times. But at least a mouth swab is a beatable, just don't smoke before work

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  5. Keep a travel sized bottle of mouthwash handy after you smoke. If they are only doing swab tests that means your job doesn't really want to know or only really cares if you come to work stoned because that can lead to accidents and a liability if left unchecked. Ive heard of swab tests being beaten by people that smoked the same day although I wouldn't bet my life on it. Brush your teeth and do a minute or two with mouth wash is all my wife's coworker did. (Brush your inside of your cheeks and tongue along with a thorough brushing with the brush follow with mouthwash)
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  6. well after a week of orientation, and a few days on the job, I can say I like it and for the pay and what I'm doing, I couldn't ask for better work, but the HR Rep at Orientation said that it is a UA. If I knew how to speak spanish I'd ask one of my coworkers, but until I get tested, I wont know for sure.
  7. Hi! I'm about to start a job with this company, what should I expect for the drug test? Have you been a part of or seen a random screening yet?
  8. They do randomly test, but they got rid of the urine test for a mouth swab, I've had 2 randoms in 4 months, both mouth swabs!
  9. Hi! It's me again, being paranoid. Which type of swab is it? The instant result kind or the send off to a lab kind? Thanks for your help!
  10. I'm not sure what kind, it looked like a pregnancy test with a piece of white gauze on the end. At the end of the test she through it in the garbage and sent me on my way
  11. why does your company seem to want to spend so much money on drug testing?
  12. Because most of our plants have heavy w
    Equipment, they are making sure people are stoned on the job

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