Just Started My First Grow

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by seedlingweedling, Jun 5, 2013.

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    Hey guys! Just started my first grow!

    I just found this seed in a random sack I got, no clue what strain it is.

    I've only spent $14 on my set up so far, I had to purchase an air pump to keep the water oxygenated, I just put together everything else with things I found around my house. I've been using water from my fish tank cause I figured it would have lots of nutrients in it and I tested the ph and it was 6.8.

    The temperature stays between 70-80 degrees and i have the lights set on a 18/6 cycle.

    Any suggestions or comments help!

    I'll try to post a new picture every day.

    here is my set up:
    my hydro system.jpg

    June 3rd:

    June 4th:

    June 5th:
  2. Did you make that picture?
  3. Lol yeahh
    Oh and I had to unwrap the air pump... I should've realized it was stupid idea to cover it up, it overheated and I had to take it apart and fix it.
  4. I Just added more mirrors because I noticed the sprout was mainly growing straight up towards the light so I figured it needed more light in order to grow outwards more, hopefully by tomorrow there will be noticeable improvement. ( I would just move the light closer except it doesn't really fit very well in the box so i can't maneuver it properly)
  5. i dont think mirrors are good for light reflection, you would probably be better off painting the walls white or taping up some white copy paper. i have done the latter for my box and it worked very well.
  6. Ooh really? Okay, I'll try that thanks!
  7. i dont know why, i really dont know why, i wanna know why, so tell me WHY does everyone post REALLY small pictures?!
    I WANA SEE D:!
  8. LOL my pictures are actually HUGE you have to click on them to open up the viewer ;P
  9. oh...well now i feel stupid xD
  10. NO I FEEL STUPID! OH GOD THE HORROR! TRAGEDY HAS BEFALLEN MY LITTLE WEEDLING T~T ... I dropped the mirror on it when i was replacing it with white paper... WAHHH TTT~TTT
    ... sad day... :'(
    *smacks across face* GET AHOLD OF URSELF MAN!
    the little guy is FINE he's going to make it! or she, whatever!
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    Lol.. yeahh the whole gender thing has been eating at my soul since I planted it... what if its a male O__O what if I'm wasting my time? O;
    Cross your fingers for me, or make a wish, orrr PRAY! hahaha Ima be smackin myself across the face if this thing grows for a couple months and ends up being a dude... .__.
    well I guess even if its a male, then at least i got the experience for next time.
    (I keep telling myself that trying to be reassuring.. /)__T )
    oh hey hey 10th post, I'm not a newbie anymore! -now I'm a Member ooh heh, I feel this much more exclusive than I did 5 minutes ago :J
    u think thats bad? i got a bunch of random seeds from a friend, planted 5 of them they all turned out to be male, i completely wasted my time xD
    so i went to attitude seedbank and ordered some feminized seeds online, i rather put effort into something i know is going to be female then deal with the male plants again.
    but it did teach me ALOT about growing. it was ok to make mistakes and stuff because they werent female anyways.
  14. Yup ittl make it. Check out this lil gal, same thing happened pretty much.


    This is my baby


  15. omg all 5?! haha THAT'S tragic! Lol yeah I'm thinking of just starting over with a leftover seed my friend bought from a seedbank, think I should? :eek:
  16. WAH :D 4PoCoLoKo that is beautiful! haha
  17. Just a question, what are you growing in? I see like green fur leaves n shit lol.
  18. LOL HAHA breh, I have no clue either hahaha, I just dug it out of my moms orchid pot haha but it seems to be working perfectly, it soaks up the water like a wick.

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