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Just started happening.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thedeadwalkk, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. I've been toking for 3 years and this hasnt happened before, and only happens when im blazing by myself, generally at night, but also during the day if i toke bymyself. I'll finish smoking my joint or what ever im toking out of, ill usually drink a glass of water to get rid of the pasties and then i'll have a cigarette. About halfway through the smoke i'll dry heave for a second or two, this happens almost everytime i toke and have a smoke by myself. Never happens when im around other people 0.o and this doesnt happen if im sober and have a cig. anyone got any ideas?
  2. Man that happens to me EVERY time i toke then smoke a cig... idk maybe its just too much smoke in a short time frame for my body to handle... haha idk why it happens.
  3. Try to make a bowl last 5-10 minutes and don't race to finish yer cig. I'm thinking too much smoke too fast.

  4. yea i try to make my bowl/joint last as long as possible. i think that may be the problem cause when im baked by myself i try to make my smoke go by fast so i can get around to doing some other shit, ill try that next time

    thats one of the things i thought
  5. Sounds like a decent reason to ditch the cigs...

  6. i love my smokes to much to do that D:

  7. So so true, and yet so very hard. Plus, have you ever smoked one right after toking? It's intense man. :smoking:
  8. i always smoke my bowl as fast as i can because i have to hurry
  9. so nice, espsecially after a phat blaze, i feel like thats the only time i get a headrush

  10. haha exactly! Even if i "quit" smoking cigs, i'd keep a pack around just to smoke after getting baked :bongin:

    But now that i think about it, there's no reason to quit, cuz i'd probably end up smoking almost as much haha.

  11. haha forsure. i'd be so baked and look at that pack of smokes and be like " fuck it, i havent smoked in 'xx time'" i'd blow through that pack like no tomorrow
  12. Yeah! Smoking is fun! :D

  13. You guys and your cancer sticks.. Whats the point!?

  14. go have a nice smoke after a blaze sesh, then tell me whats up lol

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