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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by vannucci, May 22, 2002.

  1. just started to build a grow room in my loft,

    my room size is 19 sq ft .can anbody tell me how powerfull
    my fans have to be .

    and do i need some sort of carbon filter to stop the smell
    from nosey neighbers

  2. 19 sq feet? you mean 4' by 4.5'

    What type of lights do you have? 400W HPS or something bigger.

    How many plants? around 4 or 5

    The more info you can provide the better response you get.
  3. rigt then i will have a 400w sodium and a 400w metal halyde if thats how you spell it

    i think i will have 4-5 plants, but not sure yet.

    a 100 ltr nutriant

    a 100w tube light

    2 fans inlet/outlet

    my growroom is in the loft, the only place i can grow it with no one seeing it.

    the shell comprises of hardboard, then plasic sheets, next poly board and anouther layer of hardboard, all taped up with duck tape

    i draw air in from the bathroom and blow out to outside

    going to grow in summer
  4. Nice set-up!!

    Sounds like you have enough fans to me.

    A few bowls or containers of vinegar will work wonders in masking ther smell from 4-5 flowers.

    Ndica is the expert on lights and carbon filters, maybe he can tell you if you need a CF system, but with just a small number of plants, you may find a cheaper alternative.

    BUT, my hats off to you thinking of Security and Safety First!!!
  5. thanks

    its hard work mate but i cant wait to get growing,
    hope i can grow some good smoke

    how do i find Ndica to ask about filters
  6. He'll see this post or you can go to the box on the post page and click on his name where the moderators for each forum are listed and then from there send a private message.
  7. First off...Is "loft" same as "attic"?,,what is a 100w tube light?

    2-5 plants(depends on finished size of plants) in an area that size,,with 2 400w hid fixtures in an enclosed area that small you will need good airflow at all times that lights are on..inflow at lowpoint,,outflow at highpoint.

    carbon filters can be expensive...even if you make your own..and are used mainly in rooms...vinegar trays,odor killer gel(product), in the exiting airflow will do wonders for small grows,,also glade plug-ins have been reported to be used by some small growers with success(I have not tried them). Depending on strain they may work,,Many of the strains I grow,odor would not be hidden by glade plug-ins..

  8. a loft is the same as an attic .............i know a bad place to have a grow room....


    100w flourecent tube light for cuttings

    my room size is 5 and 1/2 foot by 3 and 1/2 and a height
    of 9 feet

    i do have a inlet for air at the bottem
    and a outlet at the top
  9. Sounds like your on your way,,just watch the airflow/heat ,,attics can heat up very fast when sun beats on roof,,with proper venting,,,no problem...

    keep us posted...


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