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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by JoeTheStoner420, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. Well me and a buddy just started growing and were wondering what kimd of tips yall can give ue
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  2. Have you purchased any equipment yet?
  3. Not yet. We were surprised when we seen a seed sprouted lol
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  4. Please do not make the mistake that most of us make when we start which is buying the best 1000watt ups and we go through the agonizing decisions about how much you want to spend the amount of nuts we should use the mylar the vents what should I do soil or hydro. Please remember simple is best
  5. I think you can do yourself a big favor by just doing a ton of reading on this site. Decide what growing method you want to use, you know soil, hydro, coco whatever and then research it.
  6. We are just gonna do a soil grow and keep it as simple as possible
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  7. I would look into some cfl lighting to veg this plant. I think soil a good choice for a first run especially. learning to use whatever equipment you decide on is my advice. Keep your soil and nutrient choice simple and basic. Remember to learn to grow and try not to get all caught up in trying to do too much in the first round.
  8. What kind of equipment do you recommend? Like what would be cheap and work tho?
  9. A local walmart with CFLs will work. Look at the actual watt output for the spiral bulbs. Youll need 100-150 watts per plant, so around 4-6 bulbs minimum will work. You will also need pots and soil. Remember not to use Miracle Gro! Any organic soil will work. As long as the soil doesnt have time released nutes in it.
  10. I had heard from someone that you can use Miracle Gro just in small portions.

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  11. Get a couple of cfl sockets with and hang them like lanterns.
  12. MG soil generally contains too much of the wrong mix of nutrients. As a new grower, I'd say stay away from it and get a soil that is more fool proof. Fox Farm or Happy Frog, for instance.

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