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Just Started Growing. Advise On My Situation?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ItZzTheMan, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. This My First Time EVER Growing And All I Can Say So Far Is It's Exciting, A Great Money Making Hobby...And Quite The Science.

    To Begin My New Hobby, I Decided To Grow 2 Plants Outside. I Think They're Dro Since...Those Are The Seeds That Came With The Delicious Dro That I Smoked Lol :smoke:. They're About 2 Months Now Since I Planted Them In April. They Are Coming Along Nicely And Are Tall (My Babies Are Growing So Fast! :p)

    However, I'm Thinking About Moving Them Into Their Own Separate Pots So That They Don't Grow So Closely Together And Go Get Them Away From Other Wild Plants That Are Currently Growing Near Them In That Area (I Live On A Few Acres.) However, I'm Afraid Of The Plants Going Into Shock And Not Growing Successfully.

    1.) Should I Move Them Anyways?

    2.) If So, Suggestions Of Pots? I Saw These And I Thought They Seem Like A Good Idea: Smart Pots

    3.) What Size Pot?

    4.) Soil And Nutrients Recommended?

    If You Have Any Other Recommendations And/Or Suggestions You Feel That I Must Know, I Am Soooo Open To Them!! :D

  2. If this is your money making hobby, then leave grasscity right now....not many people will help cash croppers just lookin for a quick fix plan and dollar. They come on here asking for full setups, and what to do without doing any real research which is right in front view on the stickies. Genuine people thrive here on GC, you will find out that the non-contributors arent appreciated, and dont stick around long much other than to troll when they dont get help.

    Now, if you are the true hobbyist or a medicinal user, you will get much love as long as you pay attention, help others and contribute, no matter how little. there is a reason why GrassCity is #1 out of all cannabis forums and its because we manicure and primp our community and let the loosers know who they are lol.

    Welcome to GC and happy growing!
  3. To simply answer a couple of your Qs.

    1. each seedling needs a separate pot, its own pot.
    2&3 Smart pots are good, if you are new, save some money and get regular 2-3gal pots or grow bags.
    4. Check out the stickies on soil, there are a million brands. dont use miracle grow...
  4. "Dro" means hydroponic, so you can't grow dro in soil. The seeds could be any strain. Show us some pics I love to see outdoor stealth grows. :D
  5. Vicarious, It Is More Than Making Money For Me. Yes, It Can Be Used For Income, However I Don't Plan On Using It For That. It Is Mostly For Myself And Friends. Something We Can Both Agree On Is This Plant Was Never Ment To Be Illegal Nor Do Governments From Multiple Countries Have The Right To Take It Away.

    With That Being Said, I Guess I Should Have Elaborated More...
    They Are Currently In The Ground...With Dirt That Already Was There.

    I Guess My Real Question Was Is It Ok To Move Them Into A Pot W/O Killing Them? I've Done Gardens Before And Even Have Taken A Few Horticulture Classes, But I've Never Done Marijuana Before. Some Plants Die And Have A Less Likely Hood Of Living If Tampered With Or Moved.

    Thank You For The Information On The Pots And Stickies So Far, That Has Helped.

    Capitate: Thanks :)! I'll Take Pictures Asap!
  6. The first two rules of this hobby:

    1. Do not sell. As you havent even started growing yet but already refer to it is your 'money making hobby', this is obviously what you intend to do. Doesnt matter if its friends, family, or random strangers...... Selling is selling and one of the best ways to get busted. This is a 'self-sustaining, smoke for free hobby' NOT a money making one, unless you are a legal medical grower or want to experience prison. Also, any mentioning of selling on these forums is strictly against the rules.

    2. Tell no one. If you are going to sell to 'only friends and family', they are going to wonder where you got all the weed from and will obviously know that you are growing. People talk, its a fact of human nature.....this is why smart growers who dont get caught TELL NO ONE. And I mean absolutely no one....thats why a lot of us are on GC as it is the only place we can share our hobby with others.

    As you havent even started yet and are already being a heatscore, I suggest you read through the Security sticky in the beginner section. Grow for yourself, dont sell, and keep your mouth shut.

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