Just started flowering a week ago. Leaves starting to wilt!!:(

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  1. hello,
    I just started flowering a week ago and as of two days ago I notice blotching and dryness on some of my new plant growth.

    I noticed the edges of my leaves yellowing as I started flowering on some of the fan leaves, but nothing too serious. But now, it's starting to become a problem that is looking worst by the day.
    I am posting pictures now as that is the best way I can describe it.

    some info on my feeding cycle and lighting.
    I am using:
    -foxfarm oceanic grow soil
    -canna nutrients(terra vega,terra Flores for flowering)
    -400watt metal halide kept over a foot above plants at all times
    -pH always in a range between 6.3-6.8
    -ppm below 600( I'd say about 210-230)

    here are some pics of my sick plants:

    the leaves that are folding almost in a downwards taco are so dry to the touch they almost crumble when touched.

    if I get get some advice asap it would be very helpful, I was leaning towards a magnesium deficiency? but maybe I'm wrong??
    thanks again guys,

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  2. Have u changed anything in the nutes ?
  3. yes, I did change from terra vega to terra Flores when I started the new light cycle. but I am using 1/4 the strength of the terra Flores as I gradually go up about 1/4 ml a week til at normal strength.

    I noticed the symptoms begging before I switched the nutes tho?:(:(
  4. when did the first symptoms show n what was it like ?
  5. first symptoms started showing about 2 weeks ago. on my newer leaves I noticed some tips curling up some down, and likewise with the folding. some up, some down.

    and then came slight wilting on the edges of the leaves, right on the tips of all the blades. but again not all my growth and leaves are affected, just a few. some leaves look great. that's why I'm kinda stumped. all my books that I have and research I've done online don't really tell me exactly what the problem is. so I've just been slightly raising the ph .1 each watering. but never about 6.8
  6. At transition, the first day you place the plant into a 12/12 flowering cycle, the chemical demand goes thru the roof, the new leaves need more P and K in heavy doses, I think you need to increase the flower portion of the nutes to 3/4 strength and 1/8 veg nutes in combination, and add some cal-mag as a safeguard(cuz I don't know what's in the stuff you are using, but most are deficient in mag and cal). As to the bulging upward in the middle, floppy looking leaves all around the bottom, they are shaped that way in response to being too wet in the whole of their growth cycle weeks back... but they are fine and they will work...Get on that feeding thing tho, or your broad leaves(those floppy deals) will get eaten up by your plant to make new ones, and you kinda want as many whole intact leaves as the plant can create at this time.
  7. that sounds like a good attack plan. I actually flushed my plants with a gallon of distilled water right after posting my last thread and was thinking about keeping on a distilled water feeding schedule and then hop back on the nutes.

    does that sound like a good idea or no? :?:? also if I that is what i should do, when I start feeding the nutes again should I use that those ratios to start?


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