Just started Flower cycle, what other nutes do i need?

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    Hi GC,

    just started the flower cycle for my 1st grow.

    6 plants DIY NFT/DWC/AERO 15 gal res 400 w HPS
    I'm currently running;
    Lucas Formula with ANs Jungle juice
    EJ catalyst
    EJ Hi-Brix (molasses)

    Im unfortunately on a very tight budget, but im curious as to what else i should incorporate to increase yield/potency etc. I don't like the thought of running excessive amounts of products in a predetermined commercial 'line' that really dont do anything other than drain my limited funds lol.

    i was recommended to at least pick up some voodoo juice and some cal-mag, any thoughts?

    thanks everyone! :smoking:

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  2. You don't need anything else. For what it's worth, you could just run straight lucas formula without any additives.

    If you're not having problems, don't waste your money. You're plants look fine, so why would you need anything? You don't have any cal-mag deficiencies, so skip the cal-mag.

    It seems like you don't need to buy anything. Whether you do or not is obviously up to you, but why waste your money when your plants are looking great?
  3. Thats good to hear, i was worried id HAVE to fork out for the cal mag.

    but since the additives arent a need, perhaps ill rephrase the question..

    What additives are worth the extra investment? im willing to spend a little more if it means better plants/results ya know?
  4. It's not a bad idea to have the CalMag handy, but a bottle should pretty much last a lifetime.

    I use that on rare occasions if I haven't kept a close eye on my chemistry.

    I get the concept of the Lucas "formula" - but you don't have to nuke it.

    I run around 1000ppm start to finish using FloraNova Bloom only.

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