Just started and PH already off.. Not Sure how.

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I just started a new grow 2 days ago, I watered with 6.7 PH Water. Today was two days later and the first one sprouted up. I, for the hell of it decided to see what the runoff ph was of one of the other ones (since this is my first time having the PH meter) so I watered with some 6.8 PH water, and when I measured the run off water somehow it was 6.3 in one pot and 6.1 in another pot.

    Now the first day when i watered, i watered till the water was coming out of the bottom of the pot, and I left the extra water just sitting there to evaporate (took about 20 hours to evaporate). Could this be the reason somehow that the water is kind of acidic?

    I am using foxfarm ocean forest soil and only watered with ph of 6.7 and 6.8. I have the Hanne Pen and I calibrate it before each use.

    I plan on watering the pots with 6.8 water tomorrow and letting all the water run out of them into the tub. I know this is to much watering to do already but I dont want another PH problem, I am unsure how it is this low already.

    Thanks for any comments - help - suggestions - etc.
  2. All those soil PH's you mentioned there are fine. The 6.1 is a tad bit low but, if all else is fine, I would not anticipate a problem even at 6.1.
  3. Ok thanks for the reply. Im not sure how it even got that low to begin with or if that could even be accurate. The water i used with 6.7 and 6.8 so I was under the impression my soil would be at PH 6.7 or 6.8.

    Once again thanks for the reply.
  4. you really dont wanna risk drowning your plants, your current PH levels are getting close :-/ but you should be fine, take a break from watering, then when it feels dry, go with a PH of 7 and test it to see how its going adjust from there :)

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