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  1. hey, this is my very first time attempting to grow some chronic. i just minutes ago planted 12 seeds in an area of about 1 square foot. i have already started to use miracle grow and covered the seeds with mulch. i put each seed in a hole about an inch deep. i will be watering daily and the area will get approximatly 6 hours of sunlight a day. any idea of how long they should take to sprout?

    i live in southern ontario near toronto, any idea about harvest period?

    thanks for any input.
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    Welcome! Seems like you're doing an outdoor grow?

    Few things:

    • One pot per plant--I hope you plan on transplanting or if you're outside give them more room.
    • The seeds only need to be <1" below the surface
    • Watering daily is a bad idea. Seeds dont need any water until they hatch. Seedlings should only be watered when the soil is dry.
    • 6 hours of sun for a sprouted plant is not enough.
    • Read the stickies!!!

    Good luck with your grow :)
  3. thanks for the input, i am just keeping them there temporarily until they sprout so i can care for them on a regular basis. once they sprout, im gunna move them to an area with more sunlight.
    thanks again for the input.
  4. Good deal. You'll find a lot of the learning process is reading and trial/error. This place rocks for advice for beginners. Don't forget to take pics :D
  5. anybody have any knowledge on harvesting times in southern ontario?
  6. need some advice on how to transport my babys, they are planted in my garden outside, i will be transporting them withing the next few days, any suggestions on how to transplant them straight outta the ground?

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