Just started 12/12.. any tips/suggestions

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sd_dscheese, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. Hi, I have one plant that i just started on 12/12 and a 400 watt hps.. any tips on amounts of water/ ferts ? or any other tips? first grow so anything is help!:smoke:
  2. Water as needed, flower for 56 days. Thats about it :)

  3. Wow. I am impressed. You can tell that he has a 56 day strain by the one sentence he left above? LoL... sd_dscheese you might want to fertilize it one last time with your high in N fert to hold it out for flower. Also, the plant sometimes might require more water during flower so keep an eye on this. Stop fertilizing 1-2 weeks prior to harvest. Do you know the strain? Good luck.
  4. no, sorry smkn dont know the strain, but thanks about the more watering thing, anything is help and I appreciate it... Im just using this blue miracle grow mix for fert.. you think thats good enough?
  5. i dont know from useing it, but apparently miracle grow causing some problems down the road. you should test your soil periodically to see if the miracle grow ferts are actually working...soil ph should be around 6.2
  6. DO NOT interrupt the dark period.. itll confuse the gell out of the plant

  7. Don't know about that fert can you take a picture of or type me what the NPK and Micronutrient content is. Then I can tell you if it will work.
  8. It says total nitrogen (15%)
    Available phosphate 30%
    soluble potas 15%

    theres a bunch of other tings too btu none with the symbols you want.​
  9. Yeah thats fine.
    The others should be iron, calcium magnesium, zink, etc.
    Thats fine for flower.
  10. just checking up, buts is it normally 20-20-20 for veg then like a 10-10-10 or a 15-30-15 for flowering right??

  11. Yes. If you use 20-20-20 for veg, go 15-30-15 for flower. Lots of N for veg, lots of P for flower.
  12. hello:smoking:
    I am currently using teas made from bonemeal for high P flowering feed, along with a little seaweed extract and so far the plants have been fine. Tomato feed will do if it what you have, also_One thing I am realising is that you can easily do too much to your plants.I made the mistakes in the past of full strength feeds every watering.disaster! half-strength will do for MJ, you can always up the strength later on if the plant wants it
    Keep it simple and make a daily log of your plants progress, feed strengths/amounts etc. and you have a record of comparisons with future grows to cross-reference . ideal if you took some cuts previously;-)
    Later days.:wave:

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