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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by yudontknowme, Aug 24, 2003.

  1. ok..I just sprouted about 4-5 seeds and put them into a pot already..and sprinkled a lil soil over them.... I dont really have any other light so i just put it in my winddow sill... (No one can see it) I have a little light.. a 20w/12v its pretty bright...Can i put the pot in my closet..and somehow get the lamp to shine on it 2 inches away? How long do i shine the light on it for if its a good idea..Im a n00b at this..1st buds im growing...Can someone tell me what to do through the whole growing period..until i can start smokin them ;) Thanks!
  2. here is the picture of the light

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  3. I suggest ya check out some growguides and the Do's and Donts thread by Sidious.

    As for the lighting...it has to be flouros, HPS, or MH, and 20 Watts wouldnt be enough even if it was the right lighting, sorry.
  4. Would regular sunlight work..on a windowsill?
  5. eh...to an extent..direct sunlight is what would really work though
  6. So like put them outside?
  7. eh...it depends where you live, if you live in the U.S, its a bit late now.
  8. here is my set up...its my frist grow, so my setup will be shat.. I dont want my weed big at all... this is a 120w... in my closet...

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  9. what type of 120w lamp is that? you cant just use a regular house lamp, you need a HPS, MH, or flouros
  10. ah ok..thats what i was kind of thinking since everyones talking about hps and all...how much are hps? Im not looking into buying anything expensive
  11. about 250$ for 400 watt HPS..pritty expensive..fluoros on the other hand are cheaper..you only need 2 or 3 50 watt fluoros for 1 or 2 plants
  12. I found a hps lightbulb for $20..but whats the setup of it?
  13. grr.. go look in the growroom setup forums and look around. there are too many hps posts already, do a search.

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