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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by WeezytheKinG, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. Found some seeds from this buddha i smoked that got me RIPPED

    so i planted them... :) This is what it looks like so far...
  2. is there a way to tell what strain it is, by looking at the plant? what will this be?
  3. no, but if you knew the strain of what you smoked that had the seeds, you would know. They are stretching real bad, you need to have the light directly over the plants so they dont stretch at angles to reach it. What do you have them in, a fish tank? This should be in the indoor forums btw.
  4. i planted from a few differnt batches of mids i had, but it seems every single plant i have is different. the sun and nutes they get must change them all. but i dont know.
  5. oh not a fishtank, i put them in a small plastic container while they sprouted, now there outside
  6. Well, as much as I hate to tell you this, you planted them outside in the completely wrong season. Unless you happen to live near the Equator, you dont have much of a chance of having these survive. Outdoor plants, in most normal climates, are prepared for the Spring through Summer and Fall seasons.

    Marijuana plants are set to grow on a certain schedule. During the Spring and Summer months when the days are getting longer, the plant simply grows as large as the environment allows. Once the days start getting shorter (sunlight diminishes), sometime after the Summer Solstice (longest sunlit day of the year), the plants begin their flowering stages. This stage happens to produce seeds (if left alone, but most likely you will be cutting down the male plants to destroy seed creation chances) so the plant will continue for future generations after the original plant has died through the cold season.

    Obviously you were unaware of all of this. I'm proud of you for trying to growing one of mother nature's best plants, but you will need to do some more research. Stud up for next year's outdoor season. Learn as much as possible. You can learn everything you need to learn through these forums. If you have any questions, this is the place to ask as people will kindly help you out in the "Absolute Beginners" forum.

    So back on point about the sprouts you have now... unless you have a viable method of keeping them indoors for the next half-year untill April/May, I would honestly say you might as well give up now, but seriously start planning for next year's outdoor season. I just had my first year of doing this. The ABSOLUTE number one best advice I can give is to let NO ONE know that you are growing them unless absolutely necessary. This includes best friends no matter what. Unless you have someone you trust with your life to take after these plants while you are on vacation for 3 weeks, nobody but you should know about them. I just had my first outdoor grow of 4 plants stolen from me meaning I just wasted the last six months on these.. very disappointing.

    Good luck, good smoke... have fun most of all.
  7. i know ive grown them at the wrong season... but now i check them and they are seemingly healthy looking and kinda big, what do you think will happen to them??

    could i bring them indoors?
  8. Can't see any reason why you can't bring them indoors, I had a White Widow (First ever grow) outside here in the UK, but because it was getting over 6 feet tall and starting to stick its head over my fence, and my fear of mould due to crappy UK late summer weather I shelled out on a grow tent and filters ect, stuck her in and started flowering her straight away and shes doing fine, about 2 weeks from harvest now, smelly sticky buds everywhere, well looking forward to sampling her wears....

    Keep us up to date on how you get on with them and good luck!! :gc_rocks::bongin:

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