just sprouted plants?

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  1. im a newbie grower and i planted a few seeds. what do they look like when they just sprout? and i mean just sprout. i just gotta know if these are the pot plants or no. post pics or describe what they look like is very appreciated:wave:
  2. They look like 2 rounded leaves but lots of plants look the exact same way when they first sprout when the second set of leaves forms you will know that its a weed plant.
  3. do you HAVE to grow them inside with cfl for a week before u plant them into the ground?
  4. how long until the second set of leaves appear? and they look exactly as you described. thank you very much bro
  5. Haha just kind of popped your question in there didn't ya?
    the answer is no you don't have to, but they will have a better chance of surviving and will grow faster.

    Now to answer the Op's question. A plant that literally just broke through the surface will look like a white arc or maybe a small white stem with its seed shell still on. Then after a day or two the seed shell falls off and the top of the stem will unfold creating two small round leaves that look nothing like cannabis. Here is a picture off google images.

  6. I recently had a plat sprout up that looked nearly idenical to that picture. I immedatly took it out to the spot and left it there in the pot. (prly 3/4 to 1 gallon) Then it rained relentlessly for 2 days with scattered, but clear sunshine. When I checked it looked healthy and the 2nd set of leaves came out and looked exactly like weed leaves.

    So we will see.
  7. Here, I'll show you some pics of my grow, if I can get them uploaded.

    There. the first one is two days after planting a germinated seed. The second picture is two days later. This is a pretty fast growing strain, so depending on the strain you have times could differ.

    p.s. - some pictures of your sprout would be nice.

    Also, This is my plant eight days in http://forum.grasscity.com/general-outdoor-growing/606705-stain-s-rock-bud-x-ak47-plant.html

    Good luck bud


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