Just Something I Noticed About Gc

Discussion in 'General' started by smashx420, May 23, 2013.

  1. Anybody know the song Rack City by Tyga?  What if you replace every time he says 'rack' with 'grass'? Nice.

  2. I think your really late
  3. lol just a highdea
  4. your avatar looks perverted
  5. Think I remember reading a thread about someone trying to do a remix to this while I lurked. Wonder if it's him ha.
  6. or how about troll city?
  7. super late man lol
  8. Grass city bitch, Grass grass city bitch.
    Lets make a GC mixtape guys. :laughing:
  9. nikkkkka went niki meenaj in there for a min..haha

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