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  1. aweek ago , afreind died i have not seen him in a long time ,i only knew him from a few years ago,my step son had saw the man walking down the road he was haveing a heart attack and they took him to the fire station in town as fast as they could get there! i had know of the man sents i was a kid ! for the last 15 years everone said he had gotten mean to everone around him ! his son lived down the road a short way away and he could have walked there and did not so everyone judged him as being mean ! his daughter ,showed up at my door the other day with a note from him and a black cat 3-4 years old named blacky ! the note read " bob if your reading this i have died and your wondering whats up ? well i had cancer and didnt want anyone to know ,i dont realy know you ,but your even your name makes many smile .and your step son safed my life ,you rise a great young man and i seen that frist hand ,my family jump to judge me! and never ask me why i was so mad at life! well they got my farm and money! now like they wanted but that only leaves the thing i loved most in my life ,blacky ,please take care of him for me, well you ? i trust you to love him as good as me , your freind --------" blacky came and jumped up and started to perr this morning as i was warming up the computer ,i rememberd the look of the daughters face when she gave me blacky ,she was heart broken ,they had only been told that the cat was to be taken to me not why ! i let her read the letter it was the only hand read letter to the will ! she carryed and walked away ! how truely fucking sad , me and blacky are becomeing good freinds for someone so mean his cat is play full and very loveing ,i picture him seating watching tv or drinking the morning coffie with blacky by his side ! i dont know what to say , a man i dont real know has willed me his beloved cat ! and wrote me a letter when he did not write his own kids . how short life can be ! how far can are love reach? good luck tazz11
  2. You have a tremendously loving "Aura", for lack of a better word.
    Please post a pic of blacky, when you have a chance. I like cats, we have two very cool ones. :smoke:
  3. i am sorry i did not get back sooner i am a little out of it lately!

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  4. Kewl cat tazz!! :smoke:
  5. ya he has great eyes dude ,and he loves perring! now i got two black cats ,two yellow, two gray and one simes and triger combo!and yes i love them all in their own way ! they are much like we are they give what they get !lol good luck tazz11
  6. wow that guy gave you his most beloved possesion his son and daughter would probally give up all their inheritances for that cat
  7. that would not happen ,i honor a presons last words as well as my own! money is not a factor and should not rule ones life ! i would not give the cat back ,its not what he wanted for the cat ! i did not chose were to send the cat he did and as a last wish i can not change it ! it is his will and his will it shell be! i feel their pain but last rights are just that , his right to do as he feels right to do after death and one must give way to these wishes if they wish to beleavie that their wishes will be granded after their death ! it is more a liveing trust to leave a live thing to someone ,in the hope they will give this something the kind of love you wish you yourself could if you were able to !this cat blacky will be loved as he wishes and i truely know the meaning of the word ,good luck tazz11
  8. i dont mean take money for the cat im just stating that its worth everything to his son and daughter, you got me all wrong man.
  9. dude i am sorry i missunder stode you this morning ,i cant talk i my self had a death in my family this morning , my uncle .... latter and good luck tazz11
  10. i am trying to give you all i can at times and this is more than my uncle he ran the family farms for years from a wheel chair he would not let anything beat him , one of 13 son 3 this morning, 2 this after noon ..good luck tazz11
  11. Sorry rainman about your uncle
  12. i am to this is the secound time this spring dude !good luck tazz11
  13. Man, that it really touching tazz. You're a good man
  14. ive had a mild stroke ,but i am here ,why make your frist post to me ?? thank you for the kinnd words, touch is nothing with outt feelings to guide them.wisdom to respect them ,and a heart too value them safe within you,good luck tazz 11
  15. I have seen you a lot on the yahooka boards, and I just wanted to say that your a good man, and it seems like you go out of your way to help people, it's a nice quality
  16. i have to work at it but yes i dont do it for the other people i do it for my self its who i want to be ,those that under stand me can learn that it is your self that teaches you to be who you want to be ,if others watch and learn from my ways that dose make me smile ,all must learn to help them selfs before they can help others some where along the path i knew it was right to help others as well as my self and i havent stoped ,for one to give peace and wisdom as a gift! he must have them him self ! good luck tazz11

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