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    Well ive been up drinkin some brews, and was thinking about the seeds im in the process of ordering (from marijuana-seeds.nl). So i decided to do a review search on them. I noticed when i clicked one of the links, that next to the url it had the same icon as marijuana-seeds.nl . This basically gave away the fact that they were both ran by the same person/people (expecially since marijuana-seeds.nl was their number one site:p) So i thought id ping the adresses to see if they were both running off the same server. And they were. (The review site is marijuanaseedbanks.com, go ahead and try it.)

    I also found another site, www.bestmarijuanaseeds.com , that has the same icon, but not the same IP address as the other two. I know its the same owners, just not the same server. Keep in mind this is all from the first page on a google search :/. I wouldnt be suprised if there were more.

    Ive heard a few bad things about them, but also a lot good, and it seems all of the banks have SOME bad reviews seeing that its not a guarantee that your product can get delivered without something happening. (Ive noticed most bad things happen when you send cash or money order, because that gives them the advantage to say they didnt receive payment and steal your money all together.) So im going to go through with my order and hope for the best.

    Just the fact that their doing this, doesnt necessarily say their bad, but just trying to promote themselfs. Although it is a little cheap:rolleyes:
  2. What a groovy post, Ive not used a seedbank yet but I'd like at least one new strain so Im going to have to take the plunge sometime.
  3. I would be careful about peakseeds.com They are different than peakseedsbc.com who used to have that domain. peakseedsbc says they hijacked the site and used their design when peakseedsbc abandoned that domain. peakseedsbc has a good reputation although they tried twice to send me seeds(they say) but they never arrived. The thing about peakseeds.com is there are no reviews that I have ever found on them so I would be very careful. Even if peakseeds.com was new and above board they have no reviews(except for those posted on their site which anyone can make up), and they show no grow reports or anything. That said, I of course wouldn't order from peakseedsbc again either.
  4. marijuana-seeds.nl sends their seeds out in signature required packages. Not my idea of stealth (though the packaging was stealthy in spite of the required signature).

    I've heard great things about attitude.

  5. That may be a one-time thing. I had to sign the first time i ordered from them, but not the second time. :confused: Go figure.

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