just someone to care for them!

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  1. this week end me and my wife have opened our home to a 20 year old young lady 3 mouth along....with child... that is on the run from the law.she faces 3 years in jail,we have talked her in to truning her self in this morning ,my wife well take her there.the sad thing is she has spent the week end her with her other 2 year old girl ,she run to southern ny to get away from the law but it has back fired now she face twice the charges,the sad thing is i gave her a choice a year ago before this started she said she knew it all,told me, i was wrong and she could run her only life,sorry to say that was not true,she said she was wrong and was sorry for the bad things she had said to me ,i told her if you had ment them i would have known and you would not be here ,if you had herd me you would not be homeless,with child and on the run,and now you face going to jail and missing your little girl ,she cryed for some time ,my heart is sadend by this all ,i helped the father of the little girl ,get a good job and a home and he has herd my words and they have given him hope ,now can i go two out of two,me and wife well pray for them both! i guess some people just need someone to care for them?
  2. What is she on the run for?
    Hopefully she has learned her lesson and will go straight to care for her children. You are a saint and very sweet to be forgiving to her for the past, she is lucky to have such understanding friends such as yourself and your wife. :)
    I will also pray for her, and that she may get off lightly, so she can be with her children without any problems.

    I agree, sometimes people just need to be taken care of, we all have had to at one point in our lives, but not always forever. I am confident your words to her have sunken in, especially now that what you said is actually happening to her. Maybe she will think twice or be careful with the law. Sometimes experience is the best way to learn a lesson!
    I know that firsthand.

    Tell her that everything happens for a reason, sometimes that reason is not quite clear to us at the time. Maybe turning herself in is preventing herself from another type of danger. At best, we can all learn from our mistakes and grow stronger and change for the better from them!!

    Take care rainman!! :)
  3. they gave her jail till feb 20th,till cort, i could get her out anytime for $500 but she said no she did the crime and she wants to make it right now, stand on her own.she slash tires and broke in to a garage thin after the frist time she did not show for cort twice after broke probation and left the countyl. not good.i know these things.well as you said maybe this is were the pain ends and her life begains.good luck tazz11
  4. It's really saaaaaaaad that there are not more great people like Rainman & Wife in this world.Ya'll really,really rock,and inspire all of us to be more compassionate to the people around us. Like the song says, " We all need somebody to lean on"!!!! Roooooll On!! Wishin Love,Luck,Happiness, and LOTS of happy Token to ya!!
  5. who well they lean on when iam gone ,it maybe my only worry in life! good point ,thank you.
  6. Tazz sometimes the younger generation has to find out for themselves what life is all about. You have a great heart for helping and teaching this girl that you have to stay and take what the world gives you for the actions that you take. It is a bad possition to be in when you care for people like you do. I think people here who have known you a while have gone through similar situations. All we can do as parents and older friends is to give sound advice and try to help the people who need us anyway we can.

    Good luck friend and I hope things turn out OK.
  7. well it did not work out ok she made one miss steak ,not holding her tonge ,the judge said it did not matter if me and my wife would speak up for her she had not showen her court or her respect and told her that she would set in jail till the 20th and carel uped her big mouth and told the judge to fuck off! know i dont realy think i have to tell you what the judges reply was!the next time carel opens her mouth in that court she well do one years ,on the spot the judge told her!i think she means it .we let her have time to com down and than she yeld at my wife on the phone ,because the judge revoked her bale.my wife dont take no shit from any one she hung up on her for being rude to her .i know enough to not say any thing till my wife gets over it .so here we are waiting tell the 20th court date and not talking her so far! yes you are right carel needs to learn respect at this time and the judge is showing her the ball is in her court!thanks bud head i know you are lol about now i cant help thinking the court is right at this point in time! good luck tazz11
  8. Rainman...I sure didn't mean to add another worry to you with my comment!! If you worry about who they will lean on when you're gone.......DON'T, with the love they have for you, and the example you set for them, they will be strong enough to seek support from others if needed.AND THEY will be able to support others in need!!!!!!!!PEACE<LOVE>LUCK to you and yours!!!!

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