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Just some toys :D

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DangOleGanjaMan, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. My Wax/Weed Set up :D

    Attached Files:

  2. My man with the box of swishers.

    That is one fancy pipe too
  3. Diggin' the Bic. ;)

    Edit: But question... Did you artfully spill the weed out of the medicine bottle? Or was it naturally like that when you snapped the picture.. :p
  4. It looked better outside the container :D
  5. nice stuff, I'm quite interested in that snazzy pipe you have there. Trying to be like Gandalf? :)
  6. Is that a blow torch in the back?? Holy shit I'm bad enough with a lighter when I'm totally ripped. I'd end up blowing my house up with that bad boy. Nicely done sir.
  7. Loving the pipe! :D How much did that cost you?
  8. Nice Gandalf pipe. I've always wanted one but made out of wood.
  9. Nice setup man :) but that bong needs a bath
  10. How long until the blunts get stale? [if you've ever gotten to that point]
  11. love it, love everything about it
  12. Don't really know, I smoke a few blunts Dailey so i'm always running out
  13. Looks like the wax I have tried out of the Inland Empire, some guy was saying it was from a Tamisium but I really didn't like it was very subpar, head out to the WEED or something if that is from riverside or wherever
  14. Those are some weird looking dildos.
  15. Yes it is a blowtorch for titanium nail set up :D
  16. You're bong is dope.
    Looks like it rips:bongin:
  17. That looks really nice bro. I couldn't help but notice the gamecube controller in the back - looks like im not the only guy that still like gc and has one in their living room! :D

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