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    It would be weird to see a planet where fire and ice had their roles swtiched: you cook things on an open ice.... or can you put some fire cubes in my drink? or hand me the cold-er i need to ice up this joint

    is the name steven really steven? or is st. even like saint even and there's a ton of blessed people around ....what about stephen or stephanie? hmm......

    if houses were made of ganja i'd be an arsonist

    squirrells are probrably huge stoners thats why they stash so much food

    how screwed up would the world be if the powers that controlled it inserted a new number between 1 and 2 ...I'd have to go back to math class

    i think before there were speakers for mp3 players they had a guy who could sing real good sit in your earphones all day

    if big business got a hold of ganja i'd boycott it and grow my own.. the herb has been a symbol of non corporate freedom for me

    if the band sleep reunited and released a new album i'd buy a million copies

    if the pixels in my monitor were alive would they be racist?

    im sorry for wasting your time
  2. hahaha... wow. i'm actually going to save some of these. pure genius.

    but you know, i don't personally store food for later when i'm high. quite the opposite! so i suppose squirrels really aren't stoners, plus i've never seen a fat squirrel. but if i ever did, you can be sure i'd poke it with something.
  3. What actually happens to all the roadkill they pick up off the street?

    If balloon boy was never in a balloon, is balloon boy still balloon boy?

    Why in the fuck do the images we receive through our eyes flip 180 degrees after being processed in our brains therefore allowing us to see the correct image?

    Why am I asking all these questions?

    Why do girls butts seem so magnificent and glorious?

    Why did God allow Eve to eat the Forbidden fruit? (for you religious fanatics)

    Why do people not realize their full potential until it's too late?

    Why are you still reading this?
  4. lol keep em coming
  5. Damn your blasted. :smoking:
  6. Around here, the county collects fresh deer carcasses from accidents and brings it to the zoo for the tigers.
  7. i wonder if in a place cold enough..would a fridge heat food to keep it from freezing

    i think virtual reality videogaming would suck because i'd have to move around

    which direction does smoke go in zero gravity.

    i dont think bongs work in zero gravity

    they should spray weak LSD over warzones to make the people feel one which each other and stop fighting

    i dont think the companies that treat diseases will let them be cured....if i owned a company that made supplies for chemotherapy and what not and they found a cure for cancer as happy as i'd be that the suffering is over i'd still know i lost my job

    where does the word cheopian come from and what does it mean (srsly i'd like to know)

    after playing newer shooter games like mw2 and bfbc2 and the like playing counter strike source feels like pac man

    ive never seen a band with a rhythym bassist and lead bassist with only 1 guitar
    ive seen shows where two bassisst were on stage playing but never a band with2 bassists

    i like rap music but i dont like live rap shows i feel like im being yelled at
  8. now that is a thought and a half.

  9. know what you mean...
    but if you ever get a chance, listen to B.o.B. live
  10. At least they recycle. My friend just told me about an episode of Dirty Jobs where the host had to clean up roadkill on highways; they processed the animal carcasses a certain way, not sure how, and turned it into fertilizer.

    1. I don't think it would heat food but the fridge would probably keep it from freezing.

    2. I think dosing a person unknowingly would cause said person to be confused and terrified of what's going on. Imagine a couple thousand men with a wide array of deadly devices ranging from missiles to AR-15s trippin balls because they can't tell explain why their guns melted in their hand. No bueno.

  11. good point man good point...
  12. if boomhower from king of the hill was a pot head instead of alcoholic would he sound different?
  13. Lighting a bowl in honor of OP

    Stream of consciousness is amazing.

    Time to start my stream
  14. cool man
  15. I wish i had stoned thoughts like this...
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    We have plenty of fat squirrels :smoking:
  17. There are 9 numbers between 1 and 2. Just watch 1, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 2. Now if u want to go more decimal places then in theory there are a unlimited number of numbers between 1 and 2.
  18. Good point, now that i think about it you're right ....I meant a whole number i guess in the 3rd grade math sense it would screw things up if the system went 1 ╣ 2 3 4 5
  19. Where do the makers of feather boas get the feathers from?
  20. Is there a perfect way to shuffle a deck of cards between hands?

    Why is it that English seems chock full of insanity in spelling, grammar and pronunciation, but people who learn English later in life, I mean after childhood, find it to be easy?

    Why is it that mankind refuses to get its shit together?

    Why is it well-known that sex sells, but we have to work so hard at getting it?

    Why do most people think that most people are dumb?

    Why do things taste differently to different people?

    Why do opinions differ?

    Why is it that after a year and some change on GC I'm just now noticing icons beneath this typing area? WTF?

    :D <-- This icon saves many a misinterpreted post. It's a good one.

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