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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by sobe, Jan 29, 2002.

  1. ok.....i am going for some homegrown this summer, I have all the hydroponics worked out and the set up looks like a fucking meth lab it is so high tech........but i was just wondering what specifications some of you have used yourself that have had success......like what is a good humidity level, temp., lighting, and soil.....any other good pointers would be much appreciated......thank you and happy growing.....
  2. High sobe, Why would you have soil in a hydro set-up. I don't mean to sound like an ass. But if you went through all the procedures to set up a hydro system and you don't know the basics of growing your working backwards. But being true to you I'll answer your questions.

    Lights-You need a minimum of 25w per sq/ft but 35 to 50 would be much better for larger yields. Seedlings/clones need to be started under flourescent lighting, Vegative stage of growth use Metal Halide, and Flowering use High Pressure Sodium.

    Temp- 72-78F is optimal, but if you induce CO2 your plants will be able to handle higher temps.

    Humidity- Vegative Stage of growth 70% to 80%, Flowering stage 50% to 60%

    On your hydro set-up are you using Deep water Culture or Bubbler? At what ppm do you plan on growing? Just courious
    ..................................Peace and Good Growing................

  3. A bubbler (or bubble bucket) is a deep water culture set-up. Do you mean ebb-n-flo?

    It is a weed. It can grow in almost any conditions and can take a lot of punishmnet so don't be so worried about fine tuning your specs. Just remember not to overfertilize and overwater. Because most problems arise from those two scenarios.

    But here is some info that may help.

    Lights - 100 watts per plant. Fluoros work OK for the entire set-up, the same goes for metal halid and HPS. You can use the same lights for the whole deal and not have to switch if your money is tight.

    Temp - 72 to 78 is ideal, but when you grow outdoors you can't control the temp, and they always turn out OK. The hotter they get the more plain water you need. Don't let them get too hot or cold (90 or 40) and they will turn out OK.

    Humidity - hard as hell to control for a newbie and usually not worth the return in installing the equipment to get that much yield.

    Spend your money on lights and a good pH meter. They always pay for themselves in the long run.
  4. Most garden shops sell a humidity and temp all in one that sticks on the wall for about 7.00 US. I dont let mine get down lower than 40%

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