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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Bongin Shaman, May 12, 2011.

  1. So in my recent attempts at growing some chronic some terrible shit went down.

    So I had one seed that I got off some hydro M51 bud, some of the danker buds I've tried, I germinated it for 2 days with success.

    I put it in a small pot and within a couple days it had become a decent size, I put it in my garden which was fenced off and kind of made it blend in.

    Then I come home the next day to see that my dog had gotten past the fence somehow and taken my one pot with the M51 in it, ripped the plant out and was chewing on the pot like a toy.

    That shit sucked but I didn't mind too much. So I had another seed from some chronic I had bought, this one was Tie Diesel, it was superdank.

    Germinated it, got it into a pot, and grew it up a couple inches within a week. put it on my shed for maximum light.

    Wake up this morning and found that my plant had been demolished by falling branches.

    I'm gonna start up another plant now lol..
  2. try it inside next time. Actually, with your luck, a cop would crash through your wall right into it and haul your ass to jail.
  3. lol yeah i would believe it. But I've got no grow light, unless your suggesting to just veg it by a windowsill for a while.

    But yeah my luck hasnt been awesome lately lol
  4. CFLs are pretty cheap. That's what I'm using.
  5. na man go with outdoor growing if its growing season. When it comes into autumn and winter, then you grow under lights
  6. Maybe God's telling you that you aren't supposed to grow weed. Maybe you'd get caught.
  7. lol just remembered this thread, and to respond to peter griffin, it would seem like "god" doesn't want me to grow weed.

    But the last plant I planted I actually saved, it was broken in half with root damage and I planted it all the way up to the leaves, like literally dirt up to the leaves.

    Shits growing like crazy now lol

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