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Discussion in 'General' started by Mr.bubbles, May 23, 2006.

  1. HHey mama im going away im going to hit the big time be a big star one day-badcompany..that song is the fucking shit of the shit..wow..well im waiting to watch dazed and confused/..and blaze a bowl..but wqait it is loaded shit ima watch it well talk to you guys first...i cant multi task...im not good..

    Well im sitting here thinkin if you could have one person from the past come chill with you...i think well shit i dont know..i dont like questions like that..i cant pick..i will fell like i disrespected some one i liked...dont ask me im wierd as shit...

    o shit i ordered pizza..like 1 hour ago..fuck i wonder if they came..im gunna call them back nd be like i havnt recieved my pizza yet..and get another one..haha im getting drunk tonight..hell yeah

    i have to go now.. I LOVE YOU GUYS...AND CHICKS...

    well shit..i have to get out and do something..maybe buy some more weed..hell yeah dank:cool: im just fucking cool like that:wave:
  2. Nah your not stoned.
  3. i love that movie
  4. Hahaha... such a stoner thing to do. Goood shit.

  5. huh? i forget i made this thread

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