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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by MrSmokebigbuds, Nov 8, 2002.

  1. sup,

    i have not grow yet but i have some seeds that i am going to grow out side, cuz my mom would FLIP if she foud out that i toke.now on the the Q's. one how hard is it to grow our side?. two. about how much will i yeld for each plant?. three i live in NY(long iland) so what would be a good time to plant my seeds? and fore. how soon will i know if it is a male or female plant?
  2. one. very easy.
    two. depends upon strain, but expect around 350g outside.
    three. don't know, i live in UK. but probably spring.
    four. once it starts to flower.

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