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  1. There is no future, there is no past, now is eternity. time is merely an illusion!

    Continuing to live is saying NO to God, dying and going to heaven is saying YES to God. Life is a constant NO. Life is Heaven's waiting room.

    Our we governed by determinism, quantom randomness, or do we have free will?

    On a neurobiological level, the chemicals and molecules are essentially mixing and pumping in and around the brain. Those are the determining factors of our everyday live decisions.
    There is no free will because there's always a cause and effect. Someone who chooses something means its based on a cause or preference. A preference is built in your DNA makeup and that means you were pre-determined to have chosen that strawberry ice cream.

    I myself prefer to think that we do retain some free will because then life wouldnt be worth living for. Even in the bible there are moments where it preaches that God has predetermined who is and who is not to be a follower.. which is strange because in other cases it says christians have free will.

    Any responses to any of these ideas.. I take a theory of knowledge course and I am pretty interested in this stuff because it opens me up more to the whole thing about the universe, us, life ... unsolved mysteries etc..
  2. You use heaven and God as a crutch, stand up and face your fears.
  3. thats actually an intriguing statement. My ideas come from an inspirational video i watched - Waking Life made in 01 or 02 i think. It has some good stuff.
  4. Religion will leave an intelligent person with nothing but more questions. God is real but you have to define him for yourself.

    Look at it this way. Even if the bible is true I'd rather die finding god for myself than to submit to blind faith. Personally I don't think god could send me to hell for that.

    But thats just playing devils advocate. Try getting rid of all of your preconceived ideas about the universe. Come up with your own basic idea about everything then do your own research and just watch your ideas grow.
  5. A-fucking-men :)

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