Just some cool pics of my first grow

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by 420classic, May 4, 2017.

  1. 20170416_201821.jpg 20170413_213230.jpg 20170413_100019.jpg 20170416_202843.jpg 20170418_142727.jpg 20170425_132306.jpg 20170411_153152.jpg 20170428_075120.jpg 20170503_120723.jpg just thought it post some cool pics of my first grow. Well what I thought where some cool pics. Last pic is current middle of week 3 flower and there's only 3 in there now 1 came out with nuts but that's ok I don't think I would of had room lol anyways if only one other person likes these pics I'm happy. Happy growing everyone✊
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  2. What's your growing medium and what size pots are those fam
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  3. Which strain?

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  4. Soil fox farm ocean forest nothing fancy....iv feed them twice and at a 1/4 dose. And I'm in 3 gallon smart pots.
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  5. They look awesome is that gorilla tent by any chance ?
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  6. I don't know what they are at all. These where just seeds that i have collected from bud I bought over the last year.. All are random
  7. Thanks man I appreciate that. And yes it is awesome tent I love it
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  8. How about lighting and temperatures?

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  9. Light platinum led p300. I've been pretty good at keeping it around 81 day and between 68 and 70 at night. And I've had no control over my humidity but its been between 29 to 65 percent
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  10. Man ...your hand looks like J Bond Goldfinger:)

    Nice grow~
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  11. Hahaha thanks man
  12. Havnt posted any in a while but here some more cool pics of my first grow 20170608_081424.jpg 20170608_081536.jpg 20170608_081406.jpg 20170608_081144.jpg 20170608_081127.jpg 20170524_083102.jpg 20170522_165417.jpg 20170515_140942.jpg 20170515_154920.jpg 20170515_141101.jpg
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