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  1. So my friend is thinking about buying a tobacco pipe but he hasn't smoked one in awhile so I told him we could smoke mine today to see if he still enjoyed it. I decided that we should go up on to the roof of my apartment building ( I live in an on campus apartment building at my college) and smoke my pipe. There is a ladder that leads to the roof but it has a big piece of metal covering up the bottom few rungs. I figured what the hell I'm not hurting anyone and I pay a lot of money to live here and go to school so I'm going up there anyway. It was pretty easy and the view was nice so initially I was happy with my decision. That was until about a half an hour later when I noticed a kid walking by staring at my friend and I. I waved at him but he just stood there staring. I knew he thought we were up to no good but I didn't have any bud so I figured, fuck it, what is he going to do about it. Well he starts calling someone on his phone and then I see him take a picture of us. At this point I decided we should probably head down before this kid causes me any trouble. However, as soon as I cashed out the tobacco two cop cars pulled up. I knew I had nothing to be worried about since I didn't have anything on my other than my tobacco pipe and a sack of tobacco. As soon as I got down the cop asked me what I was doing and I explained that we were smoking pipe tobacco but when I told him he said that I looked nervous and then he made me turn around while he patted me down. Of course he didn't find anything but then he wanted to go up on the roof to see If I had hidden any weed up there. The maintenance guy couldn't open up the ladder and of course neither one of the fat pigs stood a chance of climbing up there without the ladder so he just told the maintenance guy that he should check for anything suspicious later and to let the police know if he found any. Talk about a lazy motherfucker. Now I have to meet with some student dean to talk about who knows what and I'll probably get some bullshit fine since It's not like I already pay a shit ton of money to go here or anything. I guess what annoys me most is that this kid who saw me decided to call the police and make me deal with all that bullshit. I mean come on what the fuck does it matter to him what I'm doing. Seems like every day more and more people are walking around with a stick so far up their ass that it's poking their puny brain. Just let me be man, that's all I ask, I'm not hurting anyone. I'm just glad that I didn't bring any bud with me otherwise it would've really sucked.
  2. Well obviously you werent supposed to be up there in the first place. Im guessing the kid thought you were up to worse like arson or theft or something
  3. Lol what if he called the police and said this "OMG OMG THIS DUDE IS GOING TO JUMP HOLY SHIT COME QUICK" and they zoomed over and were super mad at you cause they wanted to see someone jump or some sick twisted shit and all thaty guy was trying to do was save your life!!! that would be a funny situation... however...i doubt it lol, i would tell the dean you were seriously just smoking some tobacco, and since you know they didnt find shit, im sure he will understand its the LEAST of his worries with...however many college students he has on his hands lol
  4. I realize I was at fault and that I probably shouldn't have been up there but the kid could see that we were just smoking a pipe. Turns out he was an RA, I just wish he would've told me I wasn't allowed up there or something so I could just come down and not have to talk to the police over nothing. The media has everyone so scared these days that people are losing their abilities to think rationally. I mean really, If you saw two kids sitting and smoking a tobacco pipe would you even think twice about calling the police to deal with it. I'm a reasonable person if he would've just confronted me himself I could've cleared the whole thing up without having to be patted down.

  5. If i saw 2 people smoking weed on a roof... i would be like yea way to goo, you got your high ass all the way up there, if i saw someone smoking tobacco id be like... well thats just a day in the life... if i saw someone..just standing on a roof..id be like..oh...a guy on a roof...lol...i dont get why roofs seem so fucking conspicuous...why is it accessible if you cant fuckin go there

  6. Amen man, I just love being on rooftops. I don't know why so many people get all freaked out when they see me up there.

  7. fucking ground dwellers man
  8. You got that right haha now i'm back in my apartment vaping some dank and there is nothing that snitch can do to stop me. Ahh gotta love it, in the end stoners always win.

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