Just so you know.. I love you

Discussion in 'General' started by MakinTreesGrow, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. I love you Grasscity, you've helped me through the good and bad with the most honest opinions of my life i can get. Thank you for being there when no one else was. I hope the best for you all. This bowl goes out to you my friends:D
  2. haha dude. np. i love grasscity as well.

    good vibes all around

    one love brotha haha
  3. I'm not gonna lie I think I'm catching feelings for you too man. It's just.. Ahh.. We're from two different worlds. We can never be together. I will never forget you though
  4. Got that right my friend.:smoke:

    GC is the place to be.

  5. haha yea! i kno!

    i honestly am starting to understand the heading "the best counter culture community"

    once one leaves apprentice tokers it becomes apparent

    it's not just about weed, it's about love, peace, tolerance, acceptance, wisdom, goddamn it. it's like a modern day cyber haight ashbury district or something haha.

  6. ^^^^i agree.
  7. You made me want to masturbate.

    I love you too.
  8. I whacked it three times just reading this thread.

    I feel the love. And it's sticky!
  9. haha nice posts, seriously though, grasscity is the family i never had. you accepted me for who I am, gave me great and got me through some serious shit in my life. i honestly might not be with you right now had i not discovered this amazing community of wonderful people. that might sound depressing but i'm doing good now, have made it out of the sick depressed hell hole i was living in and i want to say thank you ever so much to everyone.:hello::D:smoke::yay:
  10. you are so funny.. lolz
  11. I love everyone in the GC Community. I feel as if I know every single one of you personally.
  12. [quote name='"six8olds"']
    I feel the love. And it's sticky![/quote]


    I know what ya mean, there's a lot of stupid people and trolls at times, but at the same time if ya don't let them get to ya its cool...

    GC has brought me through some hard times, including my recent bout with Cancer. I have much love for everyone in this city...

    GC Rox!

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